How I can best describe the editing/revision drafting process for writing?

This is how I see it in my own eyes!

Zero Draft: You plot, you plan, you get feel for what you want the story to be about and write some samples.

First Draft: You write, let your hands do the typing and your mind flow without concerning yourself if it is great or not. JUST WRITE THE DAMN THING!!!

Second Draft: You make sense of the first draft, look back at the zero draft to tweak things. Edit a bit, revise a bit, then figure out the overall direction.

Third Draft: With fresher eyes, take your edits and revisions to thoughts to write everything in a way that makes sense.

Fourth Draft: You’re gonna need a person to guide you in terms of looking over the things you’ve missed and what needs to change and needs to be added. This could also be for the third draft, depending on the person.

Fifth Draft: Your beta reader/ second pair of eyes hands the draft back to you so that you can make the appropriate edits, revisions, and changes along with additions to your story. Hands out feedback to help you better the story.

Sixth Draft: You begin writing your “final” draft with all the things you’ve done for the previous drafts and beta readers assisting you along with anyone else helping you out. You start this draft with the last edits and revisions and more that you felt needed to get out of the way.

Seventh Draft?: If the sixth draft wasn’t up to par, then maybe this one can do the trick.

Thoughts and feelings?



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Sounds good to me! ( ˆ◡ˆ)۶ ٩(˘◡˘ )


Thanks so much!


Step 1: write the thing
Step 2: rewrite the thing so it’s actually appealing to potential readers
Step 3: edit the thing
Step 4: repeat steps 2 and 3 as necessary
Step 5: leave it a few months then do steps 2 and 3 again
Step 6: dude, you’ll never be happy with it. just do the final checks and get on with it already!
Step 7: just publish the thing dammit


Awesome :ok_hand:

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I typed it better to put on my wall as a reminder to myself.


Pulling teeth.



It’s definitely not a physical pain, but there is a sense of loss to it, sometimes.


I think this is a great description!

The way I describe it is similar, but I use anatomical language (as in, the “skeleton” is the main plot, the “insides” are the characters/world and the “skin” is the written detail add on to Body 1 Body 2 in place of First/Second Draft).

Honestly any way that’s good for you to understand is good in my book

EDIT: Brain laggy, words hard, me slow.


Thanks so much and sorry for the very late reply.