How long does it take you to revise?

I’m in the middle of revising my novel, but… it’s taking me a lot longer than usual. It’s probably because of the full time job and how I don’t work on my book every day, and when I do, it’s not for that long. So, I don’t really stress myself out with it because it’ll eventually get done. However, I wanted to try to get it done so sometime between next year or in 2024, I could query it. But at this point, I’m thinking it won’t get done until I’m dead. :rofl:

The nice thing is that it’s already written… it’s just revising is kicking my butt and I’ve been doing roughly 3-5 pages each time, finally on page 63 (of 171). And this is only my second draft. :sob: I don’t even remember how long it usually took to revise my other books. xD Then again, I kind of rushed through my other books because I was impatient and wanted to get them up to Wattpad. This one, however, is one that isn’t going to Wattpad nor am I trying to rush it (no matter how bad I want to). Because I intend on querying, I’m trying to take it slow and get it to perfection… or close to it.

So anyway, how long does it take for you to revise a complete draft? How many words, pages, minutes, or hours do you work on per session?


I usually don’t like doing more than 2-3K words in a sitting because I find my attention slips and I start skipping problems. Couple hours at a time is my normal working interval after which I need to take a break.

As for how long it takes me to revise each book, honestly, as long as it takes. Some books I don’t revises, other—I revise lots and lots of times.

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I usually do one chapter at a time - in one sitting. Unless it’s a full rewrite which could take longer. But in general, a chapter per sitting.

Overall, it depends what the novel needs. If it’s just a case of grammar and adding a few things here and there - I’ve done it in a week before (because I’ve literally no-lifed it and done it all day) but it can take me a month.

A full rewrite combining grammar/changing a few things plus a basic new draft? I’ve done it once and it took me two months.

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Depends on which revision.

The one where I read each sentence out loud slooooowly for clarity? I sometimes take eternity avoiding that one. This is used for limiting word counts, mostly, and is the last revision.

Quick edits for continuity on the front end while I’m working the back end? Minutes.

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It takes me about a month for a complete reread and revision, so the length of one NaNoWriMo. ( ^◡^)っ✂

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Well, last time I revised it took about 6 months. This time? No idea, haven’t been able to start the final revisions yet :joy:

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Sagas 5- 7 years on and off

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