How old are the main characters in your many stories?

My Turn:

On Alagossia, people’s ages are FAR TOO DIFFERENT from their biological ages, since everyone has a different type of immortality.

For example, Aeris is physically in her late-thirties, but her biological age is over a thousand maybe more than that. Jorildyn is in her late-twenties, but is way over ten thousand maybe a hundred thousand years old. Isilynor is in her late teens, early twenties, but is younger than her mother, biologically.

So, their physical ages differ from their biological age. Aeris, physically, is the oldest character I’ve written to date.

Bonus Questions:

  1. Do you have an idea on what your character looks like? I would accept drawings, faceclaims, and anything else to give me an idea of such a thing.

  2. Which age groups do you normally write, in terms of characters? Which age groups did you use to write in the past and/or ones you don’t ever want to write?

Thoughts and feelings?



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You are so sneaky! Come and let me know your characters!

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Hehe :3

Mine are different because they don’t age physically or mentally after death.

The main heroes are:
Crow is physically around 35 years old, but his real age is ~4,000.
Vale is 18, but is 54.
Webb is 19, but 30.
Skye is 18. She’s the “youngest” ghost (as of the first book), so she’s still 18.

And so on, and so on.

As for bonus questions, I’ve made way too much art of them all, so here’s a Crow (who’s face-claim is Riz Ahmed) and Skye. ¯_(ツ)_/¯




There’s no age I wouldn’t write, although I find it hard to picture writing from the pov of a baby or unborn fetus. (>‿◠):v:

Most of my characters are the same age they look, except in my steampunk novel awhile back where some of the characters looked young but were actually hundreds of years old.

In every other book they’re in their twenties or thirties since that’s old enough to have money and agency, but not so old as to have work or family obligations that would prevent them from doing things on a moment’s notice. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

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As of 2016, when Goddess v2.0 is set…

Dov: 28, and ages rapidly in Krista's presence

^An SDXL AI experiments

Krista: 14, acts like she's 18


Freyja: 14, looks like an Olympic athlete.

Freyja (a prototype hybrid clone) has only existed for four years, and has been a self-sustaining life form for two weeks. Unknown to everyone except Dr Lander and his project team, about 10% of Freyja’s DNA also came from Dov (24 at the time). Lander believed his clone would need Dov’s high pain tolerance, rapid healing, and immense strength to survive the trauma of accelerated growth. End result, Freyja looks like an over-developed teenager with the physical capabilities of a professional soldier (Aussie Commando).


The two main characters from To Fall for an Angel…and more SDXL experiments…

Zorik: 23

Ashley: 16 (17 in chapter eight)


Enjoy all the art and inspiration :wink:

World of Elgana Books
Pinti: 16

Pinti and friends (own art)

Cypur: 15
He’s pretty.

Cypur using Artbreeder

Scotch: 18 going on 19 in the story

Scotch with glasses (own art)

Kaiver: 16

Kaiver using Artbreeder

Sovanna: 16

Sovanna (own art)

New Soleil Books
Eryn: 17 (she was 16 at one point, and then I forgot how old she was and made her 17, and now she’s 17 :stuck_out_tongue: )

the girl I always use for Eryn's inspiration

Bethany: 17 going on 18 (she and Eryn are the same age, but her story begins after Eryn’s)

Bethany inspiration

Pandora: 16 (same age as Eryn and Bethany. her story happens before Eryn’s)

Pandora inspiration

Their Posthumous Lives duology
does not have MCs, so I’ll mention the main protags
Richard: no one knows. he looks 32.

someone drew Richard for me

Mallord: 59 according to my notes although I feel like I had him at 57 at one point :thinking:

Mallord inspiration

Anastasia: forties

Anastasia inspiration

Mallord is the oldest human main character I have so far. As for YA fantasy, I like writing 16-17 year olds.


Number ages? So glad I wrote this one down :joy:

Okay, so, I’m going to give the ones for books 1-2 since that’s my baseline. Everything else I add as necessary. Please note majority of my main cast is Immortal and that a Lyriumian/Terpolite lifespan is 20,000 years. Also important to mention I have a MAJOR main character cast so this is just books 1-2

pulls out next notebook with character ages

Amneris: 5019
Leo: 4021
Nikki: 3015
Zoe: 2513
Carmin: 2023
Dan: 2024
Jay: 814
Kayla: 312
Hathor: 200
Xix: 5013
Ema: 812
Tara: 1230
Liam: [unconfirmed]
Asmea: [unconfirmed]
Festus: [unconfirmed but at least 4000]
Semele: [unconfirmed]
Ileana: [unconfirmed]
Kek: 5021

Yes. I make artbreeders for all my characters because I can’t draw :joy: And before anyone goes “AHHHH AI IS EVIL” I also can’t afford to hire someone to draw even 1 of my characters so shush

















Just clarifying: names are below the image

Human age wise, that would be late teens to thirties

Honestly this is the only age group I’ve ever used :joy: But I’d rather not go younger or older for my works


Honourable mention to a major supporting character / unsung main character.

Karen: 24 in TFfaA, 51 but looks mid-30s in Goddess v2.0

^When I first created Karen, I envisioned her to look like a young Gemma Atkison (except with olive skin). Karen didn’t visibly age much over the stories / years either, apart from silvering hair. Yet another genetic freak.
More SDXL experiments…



Tomas & Eila: 10 during Chapters 1 and 2, 11 for the rest of the story

Some people have drawn them ^.^

Ari: About 13, picture her as a small horse-sized blue dragon with frills

“Mister Green”: Looks about 40, true age is likely in the thousands

The one Picrew that's been the closest to how I imagine him


Marta: 28

Picrew of her

Diego: 31 or 32, haven’t settled on his age yet :joy:

Commissioned art, would love to do the same for Marta

Lunar Witch:

Margaret, Ursula, & Nicolás: all are 17



Lilian: 29 or 30

Aleksei: 8, physically looks to be in his mid-20’s

Octavio: 30

I’m fine writing with just about any age range, though I’ve never written a main character over 45 yet (unless we count non-human characters with longer lifespans).

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It’s always variable. Like with Until This World Ends, the character is 40ish-60ish years of age in the front half, and he’s going to be something like 19 on the end.