How to Ruin's the Avatar Franchise's Worldbuilding in 5 Minutes or Less.

Between spirit bending and the combinaiton of the spirit and material worlds introduced in Legend of Korra, if the creators of this franchise are not careful you may end up with an early beta test of Dragon Ball.

Let me explain. How powerful do you think a person needs to be in order to use spirit bending? There was a popular fan theory that Amon was going to be a non-bender, which would make sense, but one quesiton. If you can give and take away a person’s bending, are you manipulating their very life force? Their souls? In other words, their ki?

What on earth is stopping the Avatar or just extremely powerful benders in general to use spirit bending offensively?

From what I know, it’s not like ki or spirit or even plasma bending if you wanna get scientific has an elemental opposite. This introduction of a fifth element will throw off the balance of the world unless it is relegated to limited use but a select few amount of people.

Even worse, because this is a lot harder to limit, are the spirits. You have a bunch of very powerful creatures with magical powers that people haven’t developed methods to counter. I think that the best example is with shapeshifters.

Avatar’s main conflicts are not necessarily about fights, but also about adventure, travel, and not getting in trouble with the government. Characters like Oolong or Puar are very limited by their shapeshifting, as their forms do not have greater strength or greater power than their base forms. Now imagine how easy it would make things if one of your friends, who just so happens to be a talking cat, can turn into a key that can fit into a lock with some trial and error. Or if you have a friend that can become a terrifying monster to scare away some troublesome bad guys hot on your trail.

Even making the spirits all villainous doesn’t fix this, as Avatar is known and beloved for its narrative nuance. And if there are spirits supporting the bad guys, they are playing on a much easier difficulty than our heroes, which could make conflicts unfair and drag out too long.

The last thing I want is for the Avatar franchise to become more like Dragon Ball, and I love Dragon Ball! But I know that a lot of people in the fanbase don’t have any warm and fuzzy feelings towards it.

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I think I’m confused. Isn’t the new avatar supposed to be the fan made Genji?

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Genji is going to be in an entirely different meta and power-scaling system after Korra. The more we see spirit bending used, the more questions people are going to ask.

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I honestly gave up on korra when it started getting… less than desirable for the canon lore I knew and loved :sweat_smile:

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Honestly I would not be surprised if non-benders starting spirit bending at this point lol.

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I, for one, would love to see Hello Future Me and friends react to Dragon Ball!

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I’m not really an Avatar fan, but I’m not opposed to it. They definately are distinctive franchises, and should remain that way, although they both borrow heavily from a Murim mindset.

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Murmim? What the hell is a Murmim?

A typo.

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Ah I see. I have seen it also called Cultivation or Wuxia.

Probably the oldest names are going to come from Bruce Lee movies and older?

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Aw shit I knew it

In light of this news, here’s a sneak peak of what bending in the upcoming avatar series will be like!