How to utilize index cards for story note taking?

I do apologize if this seems like a weird question, but I got nice size index cards and don’t know what to write on them.

I mean the goal is to jot down notes for Project MH and even Project RG, along with whatever the third story project will be.

Though I don’t know what to jot down exactly. It’s dumb because I can just write anything and yet I don’t even know what notes to write down.

I am stumped for the silliest reason.

Thoughts and feelings?

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I haven’t done this since I was taking notes in college.

But what I suggest, since it’s an easy start, is short character sheets. The bare basics of the character, that you can look up at a moment’s notice, when writing something about their appearance.
Same thing for places and things that will come up several times but maybe you won’t be describing them a ton.


Hmm…would it help you out a bit if I told you that I am taking notes before I even start the story?

So, I am in the zero-drafting stage of Project MH and the others. Although I would prefer if I focused on the two at the moment, since the third isn’t hitting me yet.

I think I am trying to jot down whatever ideas come to mind on the index card.

But what you states makes sense. Things pertaining to the characters, setting, and plot.

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You can do other stuff, just make sure you stay thematic so you’re only writing one thing on one card. So if it’s “chapter 1 stuff” but it covers a tower, a forest, and the big city, you need at leas 3 cards to break that up, right?


Ah, alright. Yeah, I have plenty index cards,
To be frank, I have too many notebooks and paper in general.

Yeah…I don’t have a problem??? :sweat_smile:


I’d still have a ton of that if I did not have kids.


LOL! :laughing:

Ah, what impulsive buying does to me!

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Never really used index cards that much so not sure if I can help


Aww… :slightly_frowning_face:

Oh, well thank you for answering!

By the way, what do you use for note taking, if you use anything?

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Random scraps of paper, sticky notes, multiple notepads

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Alrighty then. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Anybody else???