How's life?

It’s been a while since I visited this place, glad to see it’s still up and running and hopefully it’ll stay that way for a long while as well.

As the title suggests, how have you been?


Finally had my 2nd bout of covid this past week. It went from 1st time flu-like to 2nd time cold-like, for me. I can’t gauge what it’s like for everyone, but I’m not impressed. Now starting the “tired lung” phase (the post-illness symptoms that are unique)–just need to remember to breath deeper and take basic cough medicine if it bothers me too much. But that’s more from the typical secondary bacterial infection (mild).

Spouse had it a bit harder, but he finished a novella and started another during his time off.

Reworking a story I never finished, then trying to figure out what the next project is.

Trying to not lose my mind because it is hot.

Turning 42 after the dreaded 29th of August (worst day for hurricanes in my state).


I forced innocent people to watch Akagi.


It’s not as brutal to me as Kaiji was.

Akagi was just an edgelord.


But I still made you watch it! :ragejoy:

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Whatever you say, Botto.

But you didn’t tie me up and hold a gun to my head. I went into the room with my own free will :wink: :flushed:


I convinced you to watch more than you ever wanted :awesome:

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Did ye now? :wink:

I am a woof, a Labrador,
Cut back on food, ain’t fat no more;
Every howl marks the dead
'Cause a beaten dog
Never forgets


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The stupid Mayans theme is stuck in my head so now I am making my own lyrics to it @NotARussianBot


Also when @balyena-lu comes back they will be like what the heck happened here?! lol :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry about that, kinda.


@balyena-lu If you are wondering what Akagi is, it is a long story…

It’s going.

Recently came back from vacay…

For the last year or so, my sisters and I had plans to go on vacation to California. We went in mid/early August and recently came back (came back last Monday). We were only gone for a week (well a little more than that, technically) but it’s been hard going back to reality.

Work is work…

There was some drama at work these past few months (I work at a library and the drama was about banning books). Haven’t heard much about what’s going on these days, but it’s going. I guess. And I’ll be starting my new position in these coming weeks since September is upon us. I was originally a library assistant but I got promoted to being a teen programming coordinator. I do most of the same tasks as I used to, but with an added on planning and executing programs.

I’m ready to move…

As much as I love my job, I’m ready to move though. We’re gently planning on leaving sometime by next year, and where is up in the air. I live with two of the three sisters I have, my youngest and oldest sister. My oldest sister has a boyfriend who wants to marry her and so, she wants to move in with him. And then my little sister is in her junior year of high school. I planned on moving to Ohio where the third sister lives because 1) she’s pregnant and thought it’d be nice to be closer to family. 2) she lives in a city and we currently live in a small town. I miss the city. So I’ve been looking at apartments and library jobs down there that hopefully will turn things around.

Ready for fall…

And finally, I am ready for spooky season. I am tired of the heat, humidity, and the bugs. For some reason, we’ve had an influx of spiders around our house… like we used to get a decent amount in summers, but this is different. Not only spiders, but spider webs!! When we left for vacay, we made sure to spray things down, mow the lawn, etc. We came back and there were spider webs wrapped around a lot of plants, trees, even one that went across from our fence to the house… a massive one! I’m ready for all the bugs and spiders to go back to the underworld! :angry:

Otherwise, not much up with me.

How about you?


yup, but that’s just me 24/7 lmao


I had an un-eventful 1 month summer vacation though I did get to watch Barbenheimer. Currently reviving my writing as I tend to go awol many times and uh trying not to suffer while studying my major.

What happened to you is much more interesting!


Hi there! I’m scrambling to edit…and not getting anything done :sweat_smile:

How are you doing?


Just like you I’m not getting anything done tho in my case that’s my perpetual state of being rather than a one-off procrastination slump.

But as to what I’m actually doing in the “”““small””“” bursts of productivity, I’m currently I’m in the process of self-publishing a one-shot collection of my OCs Lark and Cupid, it’s for fun rather than anything I want to make money out of.


Cool! How far are you into it?

My current status on the project is basically

  • waiting for an artist to complete the book cover
  • Add a few more stories
  • Edit the hell outta it
  • Publish it in my ko-fi shop (along with a few digital custom bookmarks and etc…)
  • If I have the budget, I’ll turn it into a softbound print for personal copy

edit: I also forgot that I need to choose a title for it lmao


actually, I have a title for the book now. It’s called Sad Birds Still Sing


I like that title :blush:

Sounds like you still have a ways to go. Do you have a plan as to when you want to publish it?

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