Humbly asking for Fake Requests... again :)

Hey! Looking for fake requests again as I’m running low on ideas for my big summer sale. Please note that these covers will be for sale, so don’t request for your own books! :slight_smile: Mainly, I’m looking for urban fantasy, fantasy, paranormal romance, but other genres are good too.


Color Scheme:
Inspiration pics (not needed):

Just some of my covers vvvv

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Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Title: Fate Undying
Color Scheme: Green, yellow, pink
Ideas: Hmm maybe elves? Meadows? Some kind of fate symbolism, too

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Thankyou! Sounds fun :slight_smile:

Genre: Paranormal romance
Title: Precious Time
Color Scheme: Pink, orange, yellow, and dark blue
Ideas: A witchy cover with romantic elements. Witchy woman before a cauldron or holding some magical object. Witchy outfit with pink in it (either clothes or hair or both). Flames for the passionate romance. Dark blue night time. Red or pink roses.

Genre: Fantasy
Title: Where the Trees Speak
Color Scheme: Green shades, turquoise, a little bit of yellow, and brown
Ideas: A forest nymph girl on the hunt for something in a magical forest. Could hold some kind of weapon. Wearing brown and green. A green forest shimmering in moonlight. Little glowing yellow flowers or specks of yellow magic glowing. Brown hair.

How’s this?

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Thanks, these are great. I actually pretty much made the second one already today though XD

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So pretty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

How about some ocean covers?

Mermaid maybe?

Genre: Fantasy
Title: The Queen of Seas
Color Scheme: shades of blue, lime green, orange
Ideas: A mermaid sitting on bright coral, holding a glowing shell (maybe a pearl?) in her hands and it’s so magical and powerful. Long flowing blue hair. Her scales are green and blue. Something ominous and dark in the background.