I am making a LONG list for world-building Alagossia (NEED A BIT OF HELP/PLEASE READ)


DON’T send me any websites, just put things down that you can think of. I don’t care if you aren’t a fictional world-builder or not, just put whatever comes to mind. Bookmark this and come back when you think of something.

I am going to make sense of the list as I go along, because I have something to go on for a while.

By the way, this is for Alagossia and I am also writing things down to use for when I world-build my world further in various ways.

Thoughts and feelings?



Help me out and I shall accept anything because just like the real world anything matters. So, list it down and I will make sense of it.



Afraid I can’t be of much help. I don’t make lists of such things ahead of time, I just write the book and flesh out the world as I need things. Then I add those things to the world-building bible as I go along. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

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Title correction and explanation: I am making a HUGE LONG list for world-building.

I just need a few things to ponder about my world in minor and/or major detail.

So, I just need to make a list from whatever you all list down. Doesn’t have to be a huge list, it can be three things or a few more.

I am making the list. Sorry for not making sense and coming off pushy.

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Hmm. I don’t really list things down before hand but these are some things I have been looking into:

  • world layout (what does it look like, how does it work, is it just a city or a whole planet or more)
  • currency (what does it look like, how does it work, what are the numbers)
  • general weather, seasons, and calendar
  • politics
  • main locations
  • culture (clothing, food, music, general vibe, stores, religion)
  • what’s considered “the norm”
  • technology
  • history

Thank ya kindly!
Come back if you think of more.

Fun, serious, stupid, I don’t care!

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You weren’t pushy at all, and I think I understood you. You want a list of things like currencies, religions, cultures, fashions, architectural styles, belief systems and things like that?

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Yes and anything else if you can.

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I happen to be building my world out at this very moment! I was initially just playing around with the world of my novel. But now, I’m planning to make a ttrpg out of it.

Here’s how I’m doing it: I started with the magic system because it is the most thing in the world — everything is affected by magic. From there I expanded on the cosmology/cosmogony of the universe, and established why things work the way they do. And since magic and religion are intertwined in this universe, I outlined the basic principles of religion.

Then I built a map and noted down the geographical features, forts, religious sites, major cities and kingdoms which gave me an understanding of the size of the kingdoms. And more importantly, the geopolitics i.e. trade routes, disputed lands, who wants territory, who controls the natural resources.

I estimated the population of the world and distributed it to the cities and kingdoms according to the size and prominence of the region (~15 million people, of which 1 in 500 are magic users).

Now I’m detailing the kingdoms and the people within. Like street level detail of cities and key figures for plot hooks.

Here’s a rough list of what I’ve worked on so far:

  • Magic System: Rules of magic, applications, limitations, penalties for overuse, tools, magical artefacts, role in society, hierarchy and power levels.
  • Religion: Cosmology, core myths, tenets, practices, religious orders, sects, role in society.
  • World: Map, land masses and oceans, mountains, rivers, forests, biomes, natural deposits, kingdoms, cities, forts, religious sites, trade routes and ports.
  • Kingdoms: Overview, history, language, religion - core beliefs; practices; sects, government - ruler; political aims; legal system; currency, population - ethnic groups; gender and sexuality; family and community; education; food; attire; arts; holidays and festivals, role of magicians in society, cities - city maps; guilds; key locations; key figures.

There’s a long way to go lol.


There is something that I forgot to mention a few things about Alagossia to you all:

  1. Alagossia is 10 to 20 more advanced than the current Earth in the technological field.

  2. Alagossia is around the same time Earth was born then grew, but the Mist (Alagossian air/oxygen/atmosphere) helped the planet progress a bit faster in tech and environment.

  3. Time on Alagossia is a tad faster, but not too fast. Though the planet is a bit Earth-like.

  4. Magic comes from the air that Alagossians breathe in daily.

  5. Continents are twice the size of Pangaea and there’s more than one. So, Alagossia is not just big in terms of many countries and all, but the entire planet is EXTREMELY, densely populated. Does it suffer from overpopulation? Not anymore since Portal Realms were invented.

@JojoDahlia @alenatenjo @Akje: That can give you more things to add and things to ponder about, along with other things surrounding this.

Sorry in advance. :sweat_smile:


Some initial points:
The scope of the world seems very big lol. It’s gonna take ages to develop the details of every city/kingdom. .

  1. Technology:
  • Overview and key advancements
  • Types of technology
  • Which civilisations have which technologies
  1. Transport:
  • Types of transport
  • Transport links between cities
  1. Mist:
  • Uses/ applications
  • Limitations
  • Natural availability
  • Suppliers

I don’t know why I still cling on to that. Like I am so into the adventure side of world-building that I never took much stark in how long it would take to develop each country, given how goddamn big the continents are and all. :laughing:

I could make it very similar to Earth in terms of the amount of countries. Then I would have over 190 nations that will gradually feel smaller than intended. Because there are a bunch of Shadowlands (fallen nations) that are home to nomadic Blanks or some rich person’s second home or uninhabitable to the Total Cleansing/Purge.

Unless I do over 200 nations while the rest are just Shadowlands, but then the Underground Nations are also country or rather city states that are formed into a massive labyrinth.

So, yeah, I think over the normal amount I should for things. :sweat_smile: :laughing:

I love asking world-building questions and giving topics to think about, so I’m here to overwhelm you :stuck_out_tongue:

Language (what do the letters look like, what is the grammar structure), dialects (different between poor and rich, different regionally, different depending on the race or availability of education), slang (same thing as dialects, and maybe even differentiate between generations)

Environment, climate (climate change, too, over time), species in each climate (ones that are wild, that are cattle, that are domestic, that are pets, etc.), and different plants in each climate (edible, poisonous, main crop they eat, popular in the region, a nice snack, and think about how they are planted or harvested and how much is going around etc.)

Education system (who goes to school to learn to become what, what can they learn, when do they enter school and when do they graduate, is education thought of highly or not so much, and how do all the testing systems work, and are there many different types of education methods (like going to school, going to a castle to learn under a knight, or being home-schooled, or being taught by a tutor…etc.))

Not just what the clothes or houses look like but what they’re made of (materials like where do they get them? Who makes the clothes or the yarn or the thread? Who makes the houses and the materials needed for the houses? Are some houses made of different things depending on the climate or environment or the class of the person? How big are the houses? What are the clothes like when it comes to material differences with different classes?)

Politics/government (who rules and how long are they allowed to rule, is there voting or not? Do people have a say in who becomes the leader? Is there a caste system or a class-based hierarchy? What exactly does the government or rulers get to decide? How does the economy work and how much power to the top guys have? What about in religion? What about in the things people eat and wear and say? Are there practices or words or books or clothes or recreational activities banned because of the top guy? Have there been revolutions or movements in history and what were they for? etc…)

And then, with all of these, you also think what all the above would look like in the different genders, and across different species.

If you’re wondering how I came up with all this stuff, if you take any world-building item like “politics” or “religion” or “environment”, there’s always ways to break them down into little bits to find even more things to think about. That’s how I came up with those :wink:


You’re amazing, Ena! :blush:
Thanks for answering!

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You’re welcome!

Btw, it’s no big deal, but I’ve been meaning to correct you for some time now… It’s not “Ena” but “Enna”. I first I thought it was a typo but I realized it doesn’t seem to be. I’m not mad about it or anything because, if said out loud, there is absolutely no difference :stuck_out_tongue:

You can call me any variation of Enna Foxwood though. Enna, Ena, Fox, Foxwood, Enna Fox… Just not “Wood” XD

Thanks for telling me. I always wondered if it was Enna, because it felt better typed that way, but wasn’t sure. Thanks again.

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I’m an “On the fly writer”, and as such I just write things that way… I have no lists, no direction, no planning for the most part… Just a bunch of ideas that I somehow weave together in backstory and histories that I make up… Moving forth I just write as I see it appear in my mind, and if I do have any future ideas within the telling of the tale, I just do simple notes and add them when I reach that part of the tale…

Other than that, I’m not going to be much help here… Sorry…


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do they like tea? do they have tea?

also what is their religion like?

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Are you a tea drinker?


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