"I am not ambitious nor a go-getter!"

Name a character from your story that is not ambitious nor a go-getter. That character does not have to be the MC. They can be a supporting or minor character.

What are your thoughts?

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MC Daniel Faith of The Essence of U is not a go-getter. Way too passive about life living him.

MC X Bunny of Wolf & X Bunny is arrested development or executive function overridden by insanity so it thwarts being a go-getter.

Really, the more I think about it the less there is any of that to my characters because I can’t be that myself and it’s something that I don’t do very well…

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For me that’s Sad Bai. He’s a junkie who doesn’t care anymore or try and change even though he’s married and he wants kids.

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Maybe the only one is Ally Swift, the loopy-headed twin sister of Sierra Swift, one of the antagonists of the story. Ally’s mind is always slightly somewhere else. It’s always like she’s floating on another planet. She’s a follower character and doesn’t have much of a brain, opinion, or ambition. Usually, she’s licking a lollipop and making stupid comments or echoing the words of her sister.

I don’t think she thinks very highly of herself either. I hope that she has enough brain to think about whether this bothers her or not, otherwise its just sad :confused:

Most of my characters, even minor ones, have some sort of drive for life, so that’s all I can think of.

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Now, that I am thinking about it, I don’t think Jorildyn fits this.

I would say she is very ambitious and a go-getter when it comes to thing others than her job. For some reason, when it comes to working as a Knight, she is like not that caring about it.

She just wants to work job she she is content and happy, and that job just happens to be the worst job in the Knighthood Federation.

Other than that, Jorildyn is pretty ambitious and a go-getter about other things in her life.

At some point she would like to rise the ranks, but for now she is actually pretty fine. Whereas her older sister Civiria became the “destined for greatness” child who is now a Knight King and lives WAY better than Jorildyn.