I am struggling! How much RAM and more would I need for a computer?!

Here is a list of things I do everyday on the computer I have now:

  1. Writing my stories
  2. Watch anime or YouTube.
  3. Browse the internet.
  4. Sometimes download pictures
  6. Stream movies and tv (Hulu, Disney+, and more)
  7. I do open a few tabs here and there, but nothing major.

I don’t want another all-in-one desktop, but rather a pc tower that I DON’T have to build.
I just need to know how much RAM and more would I need for those things I have listed.

Another thing is that I am NOT buying a laptop. I am ONLY GETTING A PC TOWER at a reasonable price.

Thoughts, feelings, and advice?


8gb is generally considered the minimum you need to operate windows 10/11 for a smooth experience and is enough for surfing the web or watching anime/youtube. I’m pretty sure retailers don’t sell pcs with less than 8gb ram these days anyway so in all honesty you should be fine with anything from the store. At least that’s how it is over here but might be different in your country.

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What country are you from?

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To be honest, you could get a case and some graphics cards, SSDs, RAM and a cheap but good monitor and build your own. It’s not difficult, but you may need to shop around for parts. It is doable, definiely. You can do it for uner $500, if you shop right.


I don’t know how to build a pc.
That thought scares me.

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There are plenty of guides online. :slight_smile:

If you can, take a shot at it.

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Honestly if you’re looking at pre-built you could probably get away with the minimum specs they have. There’s nothing here that’s too overly RAM intensive tbh.

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Yeah, I wanted to get a PC tower that I didn’t have to build or do monthly updates. I just don’t want an all-in-one desktop or a laptop.


Okay, so, I am looking and apparently, Prebuilt PCs aren’t people’s thing and I can see why.
Even though I am a person who would RATHER/LOVE to do console gaming as oppose to pc gaming, there are some things I need to agree with…to some extent.

I mean, I have an all-in-one desktop which is great and gets the job done for the most part. But I honestly wouldn’t want another one.

Prebuilt PC do have their purpose, but many people say how those are flawed and a person will still have to fork over LOADS of cash when something goes wrong or whatever other issue or plain shady.

Whereas when you build a pc, you are actually making it in a way that better suits YOUR PERSONAL needs in a way that you couldn’t with a prebuild can’t

That makes sense. I suppose the real reason on why I rather not build a pc is because it’s time consuming and stressful. Hours wasting on building it when I could have hit the power button then did everything under a few hours or an hour.

However, I do love the aesthetic and appeal of pc towers, from what I’ve seen on YouTube.
It’s just take time and I am HIGHLY IMPATIENT!

@JohnnyTuturro, @SockMonster1, @Cai: Thoughts and feelings, again?

So, yeah, I can do some research on the matter and try something.

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Speaking purely anecdotally here but I’ve never actually heard of anyone who’s used or owned an all-in-one and liked it so you’re probably not alone in that regard XD.

Well prebuilt pcs are an entire industry of their own with tons of different brands, models, parts, etc. It’s very difficult to try to reduce an entire industry to a generalisation like that, it’s like saying cars are flawed and you have to fork over tons of cash when something goes wrong. Well, it really depends on the type of pc/car, the company, model, etc. If you’re concerned about reliability then you should do your homework on a specific model, find credible reviews online about it and see if it suits your needs. It’s the same for when you go and buy new headphones, or external harddrives or anything electronic really.

I think you’re overthinking things. Practically any modern prebuild or custom pc is powerful enough to browse the net without issues, which really is the bare minimum you’d expect any machine to perform at anyway. Unless you’re building your pc from super dated parts or buying a really dated prebuilt you’re gonna be able to do all those things on your list without any issues (none of it is really that demanding).

If you want to build your own custom pc I highly suggest you get someone with experience to help you out the first time just to make things a little smoother. Honestly whether it’s a custom or prebuilt both will work just fine for your purposes so pick whatever option you feel like.

I like tower pcs too but for uni purposes I’ve had to funnel my cash into laptops so I can haul them around with me, but honestly I much prefer towers.

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Could you suggest a prebuild with windows 11 home and under $500?

If you could?

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16GB should be plenty for your listed tasks. Make sure the PC’s RAM is listed as Dual Channel (single channel = very slow system), and preferably DDR5. Any system with DDR4 memory is last generation technology, and has increasingly limited shelf-life / future proofing / upgrade options.

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I know you will all disagree with this one, but I have a really unpopular opinion.

Get a Mac Pro 2012 for cheap [not the 2013 and older], and boot it with Windows 11. You can upgrade those really cheap, and find them pretty cheap and get cheap replacements for them. Or a Mac Mini 2018, as well. It would load Win 11 onto it, without the need for Mac OS being on it.

Those are still genuinely capable devices for running Windows 11, and easily upgradeable. I have seen people do that before, and they are happy enough with that. It is a possibility. But I am still on the PC camp, building and or upgrading one.


Hmm… not sure what machines you’ve got over there plus it’s been awhile since I’ve done my research on this stuff. It does take a bit of time comparing different machines and stuff. If you’re stuck you probably won’t go wrong with anything windows 11 since it is a somewhat new OS and any machines built from that period upwards should have enough specs to do what you need it to do (if you need to do anymore computationally demanding that’s a diff story). From there just look for trustworthy reviews online and don’t be afraid of visiting the store to play around with the display model to ensure it’s what you want.

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Sorry, guys, in order to save as much money as I can, I shall stick with the computer I got. I will purchase another all-in-one-computer or something else computer related once Windows 12 is fully out and people start using it.

I need to save as much money as I can.
So, I will keep the desktop computer that I have and continue using that.

Sorry for wasting your time, everyone.

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