I believe I figured out the editing thing for Red Reign!

Here is my editing list for Red Reign:

It is simple and I might have to print all fifteen chapters which means wasting paper and ink.

So, can’t decide to jot things down by hand by looking at my documents or do editing by actual documents instead of printing.

Thoughts anyone?


Color coding is always good. Personally I never print anything out when I edit because of the cost, but lots of other people do. And it’s supposed to help you catch more errors.

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My other method is to write things down and highlight from the list, but not in the way you think though.

That is WAY too time consuming for me.

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I would just use the highlight color code in a document on the computer. Same idea but without wasting ink, paper, and money. Most document programs have a highlighter feature. I know both microsoft word and google docs do.


Sorry for the late reply, but I have a tablet where I can really do some highlighting on.

I rather do it that way.

That works too

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I do have scraps of paper on the side if I need it.

I am enjoying this highlighting a bit too much! :smile:
I shall continue tomorrow.

Probably pretty neat for a third or final draft but as someone kinda staring down the editing process right now it feels a lil basic for a second draft for me. But it’s neat if it works for you. :clap:


Actually, I am not done with first draft because I am only on chapter fifteen, which I did not finish.

I am redoing it, because I have ideas nagging at me that requires me to change the first draft so things make wee more sense to me.

I could not do the editing and just continue with the story, but then things will be wonky come time for the editing and second draft. And I hate to stare at the things that need changing immediately and just continue writing.

I could do that, but do I want to do that and become a glutton for later punishment.

Does that make sense or no?

I am liking the highlighting a lot!
I am on chapter two now and honestly when I glance at the list, I don’t think I need the blue/add part.

I can do just fine with the pink, orange, yellow, and that green that oddly enough looks blueish green.

The blue/add would just be things I write down.
So, I still got some work to do.

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