I can't decide on a name for my female protagonist at the moment. (POLLS)

I don’t have much of an idea on what this character is like.

I just made this thread base on which name sound pretty and rolls off the tongue. I know which name should suit the character, but I was wondering if me and you are on the same wavelength. LOL!

I’ll come up with something on about what my character is like later. I just need a name at the moment.

Choose wisely:

  • Frangelica Hawke.
  • Avangelina Camden.
  • Oristina Willenburg.
  • Korianne Nashburg.
  • Luxora Kieran.
  • Aeris Kriegman.
  • Tsarra Kelberis.
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Thoughts and feelings?

Whichever option you choose for the MC, the rest of the names will be for the other female characters!

Choose a name based on that sounds cool in sound.

NOTE: There is no “other” option, so choose a name and keep it rolling. If none is to your liking, just say “hello” in the comment section.



Any thoughts or you just came to say “hello” because you don’t know which name to choose/there isn’t a name you like among the options?


This name just jumped out at me instantly!

I can only say that it rang in my ears like a character I have called Odedra of Acoss…
Their really is something about names which start with an unusual letter like O, I, or T for example… But the letter O wins it for me.

Anyone who can create a name in a Fantasy Genre with the letter O that sounds so good is a solid creator in my eyes…

Keep thinking beyond the box my dear!


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Oristina is a beautiful name!
I am still thinking on it!

Use it!

If you feel like a change to her surname, so be it. But Oristina sounds so damn cool, too good to ignore and not use.

If you do me one favour this year, keep that name in mind and use it fully.


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Aww…thank you so much!

Aeris Kriegman is one of the least cumbersome names, easy to pronounce on first sighting. It also looks more realistic, Germanic, Prussian, from Old Europe.


Really? I didn’t know that.

All these names look like keyboard smashes ;-;


So, you came to say “hello” or no?

It’s in a fictional world that plays with the Aerith and Bob trope…a lot!


EDIT: You also choose Tsarra Kelberis in the vote. Is that name easier than the others?

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This is going to be fun in choosing the name for this girl.

UPDATE: I see Aeris is taking the lead.

I shall come back tomorrow to see more of the votes.

I just like that name the best :sweat_smile:

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It does sound pretty!

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Here is another poll:

Which sounds better to you all?
@SecretDurham, @MatthewJH, and @alenatenjo

  • Aeris Oristina Kriegman.
  • Oristina Aeris Willenburg.
  • Other (explain in the comment section).
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Choose wisely.

Thank you!

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I think Luxoria just sounds cool.


Now, things gotten harder.

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You don’t have to name her in honor of an ancient city but it would be cool if you did.


love the name aeris! though maybe paired with hawke? i like the sound of it, aeris hawke. and omg luxoria/luxor/luxora is such a cool name, it’s kinda like luthor! could be a good last name actually: aeris oristina luxor/luxora.

i’m not good with deciding ngl, i’d end up choosing all of them but introducing more characters because i don’t want to not use them all! :sob: