I feel stupid for asking this, but I am curious about whether or not this war in my story makes sense or not!

I am going to try to not go into too much detail, because I am still thinking things through and don’t want to reveal anything that could be a potential spoiler.

In my third story called RED Reign: Supremacy, there are five super continents spread a part known as Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western, and Central. However, two of those continents are engaged in warfare with each other AND themselves. I shall explain.

Within each continent, there are two hundred countries. Yet the story or rather the war is taken place in the Southern and Western continents. The nations within the continents are fighting each other but are also fighting the other continent. This whole thing started because The Republic of Andvaria is trying to claim total control over the Southern Continent in the hopes of riding monarchy. There are only ninety-five nations that are run by presidents and out of those nations, Andvaria is the largest yet most powerful.

Still, in a world where monarchies are everything, nobody cares about the presidential nations. Yet they do care that a nation like Andvaria is gaining too much power and wealth. So, Andvaria started a war to prove that they aren’t going to give anyone the pleasure of belittling them and making the country seem worthless.

Yet in actuality, the war that Andvaria started was because the President’s eldest daughter and son in law were killed in the terrorist bombing while being in another country. It was a planned attack by an empire called Kenorland. So, the Empire of Kenorland wanted to start a war because they desired to gain total control over Andvaria along with the other republics.

TL:DR: The Southern and Western continents are at war with both self and each other because of Andvaria and Kenorland fighting to overpower or claim some type of control of each other. The Andvarian President wants revenge while the Kenorlandish Emperor wants power.

I do understand that war in general never really make sense to most people including me.
Yet, far as fictional wars, does this one seems a bit plausible if that makes sense?

What do you think?

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This seems like a civil war that got out of control

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It funny you mentioned that because Andvaria is a Southern continent country while Kenorland is a Western Continent country.

Where does the civil war fully come in though?

I mean it makes slight sense, but I am wondering if that is legit true. There is a civil war within the two continents but is there is also tension between the Southern and Western continents.

I am very much trying to wrap my brain around this slight mess. :sweat_smile:

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There are wars outside and inside them. Happening at the same time.

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Yes. Yeah, it is starting to make sense to me.

The Andvarian President want revenge against the murder of his daughter and son-in-law along with the proving to the world that republics are nations too and there is no need for monarchies in these changing times. While Kenorland ish Emperor is power hungry and crazed extremist man who wants to claim total control over minor and larger nations to expand his empire.

Whew! I sense a headache coming real soon…

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Your story is going to have an entire generation of young people wiped out at this point.

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You think so?

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You might be right even though there are immortals that dwell in the world of Llyria.
Yet, those same immortals or beings with extended lifespans can still die like any normal human being to some extent.

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I expect those extends to be meet a few times then

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What do you mean?

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This is going to become a massive conflict that pulls in a lot if people

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Yeah, that sounds about right.

LOL! Oh boy!

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Why I do think this makes sense, I’d say fleshing out the reasons why they want Andvaria more would benefit you. Like, why would they want the predental states? Are they located near a huge body of water? Do they produce a type of metal? Spice? Even fur? Who does Andvaria trade with, how do they make their income, and why would that upset outside forces observing this feat?

Moreso, why is it a problem that there are presidential states? Why do people want monarchies to rule the world? Interestingly, does Andvaria really only fight for revenge, or are they simply backed into a corner and defending their nation? Or is it the other way around—does the monarchy country have something that Andvaria wants (besides revenge).
This, imo, will also help rally the troops if it’s less personal and broader. Tbh, if I learned I had to go to war because an important figure died–I’d be absolutely furious and probably yote the fuck away.
Death and tragedy come to us all, and why it’s certainly sad, imo it’s not enough to get a patriarchal beat behind anyone’s hearts. That’s why I suggest you actually move the terrorist attack to occur in Andvaria. Not only will the common people be heavily effected, but the king could use their grief (and his own) as fuel to go to war.
If it’s an attack in another country… ehhh, it’s like, they knew the risks leaving why it’s absolutely tragic they died, they also willingly went to a foreign hostile place. The tragedy is too far removed from the public’s mind, unless you have TV and social media.

Giving yourself several “this is what this country wants, and this is what that country wants” could probably help you add a bit more realism to it, although don’t get me wrong, I do think the reasons you have now are good. Just thinking more broadly–would someone really be willing to waste resources, money, men, and power to get a presidential state that–other than having a different type of political system in place–isnt otherwise appealing.

Civil Wars also tend to begin because of constant mistreatment. Most importantly, the treatment of their own people. The French Revolution, the US Civil War, even the forming of North Korea was an act to get their people better quality of life. All were wars years in the making because the monarchy, government, president, whatever refused to take care of their people–and so, their people rebelled.

Also heavily encourage you to do research if war is going to be a huge part of your story.

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Mainly because monarchies have been in power for eons and majority of the people living on Andvari are really used to changes. There are some who are all for change, but the vast majority downright hate it.

Monarchies make more sense in the world of Llyria because people aren’t willing to adapt/grow. So, even though there was a time when there became a boom of republics, the monarchies never considered them nations for simply how different they are.

Part revenge and part change. The Andvari President wants to avenge the death of daughter and son-in-law, but it more along the lines that the nations that are republics like Andvari are being treated less than the Lesser Monarchies. They are able to grow, but the republics have a tight-knit community and help each other out. Mind you there are some monarchies who aid in the help of republics, but it still isn’t enough. Yes, they do defend themselves against Kenorland’s crazy wrath, but they seek change in the world that should been in the first place.

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It’s fine: two levels to the war is common.

It would make more sense for the country that lost their kids to fight for their lost citizens as far as what they tell their subjects, but then decide to go "death to the monarchs at the opposing nations …and the conniving country that killed the kids would deny it, claiming their land bombed makes them the victim, and would retaliate for the “death to monarchs”.


Hm. Is tradition and not changing part of their inherit philosophy/religion/social constructs?


Yeah, if that makes a lick of sense.

I’m going to change a lot of things that will have the story make sense.
You are right to ask that question. If feels weird that every monarchy in Llyria is unwilling to change, adapt, and grow as a nation with the ever-changing times.

I understand wanting to stay the same for traditions sake, but seriously EVERY MONARCHY NOT WANTING TO CHANGE OR ADAPT sounds so weird even to me now that I think about it. I get that it is my story and should only make sense to me, but this doesn’t really make sense to me. :sweat_smile: :rofl:

That means I have rearranged the plot to truly have it make sense to me personally.

Wish me luck.

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I do think it’s a valid reason. I mean, one of the things people fear the most is change.

I was personally just thinking, though, that the “problem” with it was that people aren’t usually self-aware, but also that you could do soemthing really interesting with it.

If it’s a part of their philosophy/religion to preserve tradition, then I think it would be cool to see their reactions to those who refuse to preserve traditions. I do think, though, that what you need is a bit more meat packed into it.

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I would suggest packing their lack of change into a philosophy/religion, as I feel it’ll be far easier for you to spread this information across the world.

But, like you said, make it make sense to yourself–and then it’ll probably make sense to others. Don’t be too critical about yourself. If you squint at any fantasy for too long, things will start looking a little off.

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Thanks for this.

I shall incorporate that into the changed version. There are more and more Republic nations on the rise, but there is still a CRAP TON of monarchies across the world of Llyria.

Some are accepting of the change while majority of them downright hate it.

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