I gave my characters D&D sheets.

I started to get very much into DnD character builds lately. I felt that I should share them.



I feel that Madelina needs more work, but feel free to look at her sheet


I reccommend to do this for yourself, it is very time consuming but very fun.



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Never played DnD before, but I am interested in it. Will check this out when I’m back from vacation and have my computer again, haha.

Edit: Just glanced at some of the sheets. Oof this is complicated. That’s a lot of numbers, man. :rofl:


These are really interesting…complicated but still interesting.
I never played nor do I fully understand D&D.

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Thank god for homebrew, because Umbrum’s charisma is abysmal.

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I like to think of it as an analog video game.

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Sounds cool.

What made you decide to do this?

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I watched some videoes on youtube on how to play famous characters

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Oh, cool.

Know any good channels???

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Tulok the Barbarian

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Cool and thanks.

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Who needs a sheet most?
  • Noctave
  • Dia
  • Niko
  • Mallo
  • Inky(especially difficult)

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dnd is neat, wanna offer a tip if thats ok: i suggest using d&d beyond for online character sheets, its a lot better/far more visually pleasing - though it does have a limitation on how many chars you can have on a free account

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Exactly why I use Dicecloud

could always just make another account or backup the profiles to make more room :woman_shrugging:t3:
i’ve actually participated in dnd games and dnd beyond was required as it actually intergrated with the game site we used so all our stuff was there, very neat n helpfullll

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