I got a new car. Sort of.

For the past two years, I’ve been driving my parents’ van (a 2000 Honda Odyssey), and it’s been kind of broken. For said two years, I’ve been needing on checking the fluids as there is a coolant leak, so every week or two, I have to add coolant into it and then every once in a while I’ll check oil and transmission fluid. Well… back in late November, early December, the weather outside started to get cold. The van began having trouble shifting gears (it’s automatic, by the way) and wasn’t running the way it’s supposed to. I looked it up (as one does when they have no knowledge about cars, because yes… I know nothing. I just drive the dang thing lol) and Google said it’s because of how cold it is—the cold weather makes the transmission fluid sticky, so they advised to leave it running for a bit to warm itself up. So I did this but it made no difference.

Then towards mid December, I did a bit more digging and found that not enough transmission fluid may cause trouble with the gears shifting. So I checked the fluid… but didn’t do it correctly (though at the time, I thought it was fine). From what I remember, you’re supposed to leave the car running for like five to ten minutes for the fluid to fully go through the system. I left it running for like two minutes… partially because I was on a time limit, it was cold out, and I’m an impatient person. But after these few minutes, I checked it and it said it was super low. So I put some in.

Fast forward to the end of December, the van continues its problems but I’m not paying much mind to it because this is around the time the ice storm happened (where the “felt like” was -20 to -40 degrees) and just thought it was the cold weather causing it problems. But toward January, my mom told me she had an appointment scheduled for a mechanic to look at it… not until the 18th. And with my sisters schedule kind of messing up with my own, I was kind of forced to continue driving the van unless it was truly unsafe. Well, the first week of January wasn’t great as it stopped in the middle of the road in the middle of traffic. Had to abandon it for a few days in a parking lot. Really scary experience. So, we tried to work it out with her car as best as possible, but we were getting to a point where it wasn’t the greatest option and ready for a car.

Luckily, I had applied and was accepted for a 15K used car loan through my bank so we’d taken a few days here and there to test drive cars and find one we could afford, but none were shaping up to our expectations and standards. Too big. Too small. Not enough engine power. Check engine light on. Couldn’t start or battery kept dying after being turned off. There was always something we nitpicked.

Then finally, on Monday (the 16th, so not even a week ago), my sister told us that we needed to go test drive a car. A 2015 Nissan Rogue. We went to this little used car shop and fell in love with it. A large sun-roof. Push-to-start button. Cup holders in the back (something I needed lol). Seat warmers. Lots of leg-room in the front and back. Big, but not too big. Back-up cameras. Bluetooth, USBs, and aux cord plugs. The trunk has buttons so you don’t have to manually open or close. Absolutely amazing. Then when we test drove it, it felt smooth and had lots of power. Nothing seemed wrong with it. No salvage title. Felt like it was just used as a rented car. So, we made the decision and bought it. It was 13K but with taxes, it came just under 15K so it was meant to be. And it’s ironic because we had rented a similar Nissan Rogue back in 2018 (a time when my sister said she had dreamed of wanting a Nissan Rogue after renting it because it felt like a dream lol) and here we are, five years later (oof) and own one!

Even though I financed it, it won’t technically be mine because I can’t afford the 280 dollar monthly payments. So, instead, the car will be my sister’s—whereas she can afford it. I’ll be getting her little red car (a Chevy Cruz) where she’s nearly done making payments on it (come February). And even though I would love the car, I actually don’t mind all that much because I’m not a big driver. I don’t like driving—it gives me anxiety. :sweat_smile: And I only drive to work and to the grocery store… all of which are within five miles away from home (my work is literally down the street, a 5-10 minute drive based on traffic and the grocery store is roughly a 10 or so minute drive down the road, again based on traffic). So, it’s not like I actually need it. Besides, I mostly drive in her car with her anyway because we tend to drive everywhere together (with her driving)—whenever we go to a restaurant, the movie theater, dog park, to the next town over for shopping, etc. So it’s not like I’m never going to ride in it because I will. It’s a reason why I said the cup holders in the back were something I needed… because her red car doesn’t have cup holders and I’m a back-seat person so whenever we drive anywhere and get food or drinks, I hate holding stuff. :rofl:

But it’s still kind of cool that I was able to buy my first ever car (technically) lol. :sweat_smile:

What was your first car you’ve ever bought on your own?


How ever crappy your car is, at least it isn’t this


congratulations! getting your first car is really exciting! and you got a pretty new one too, so i bet you won’t have any problems finding parts when you need them for a loooong time.

a 2001 oldsmobile aurora! i still have it, actually, in spite of my miserable driving and car maintenance skills. It’s had a leaky tire for about 3 years straight now, two battery replacements in as many years, and it’s so old it has a cassette player instead of a aux port. But it’s also a tank with a fat engine and seat warmers so i love it. named it charlie.

i also not so secretely love getting CDs for it.


Thank you!! :hugs:

I also hope it means it won’t be breaking down any time soon. :rofl: My family has horrific luck with cars… or anything really. :sweat_smile: We’ve gone through like a dozen or so cars while I’ve been alive, and so much money going into them trying to get fixed. :upside_down_face:

Oh my god, I love that name! That’s such a cute name for a car. :sweat_smile:

But it’s actually not that bad (to look at, I mean) lol. The outside of it gives me that 80s–90s vibe and if it’s anything like I’ve seen in pictures, the inside isn’t too shabby. xD

The cassette player is definitely an 80s thing lol


I’m glad you were safe after your van stopped working in the road like that! That sounds like a very scary experience - I’m glad you’re all situated now though and found a car you enjoy!

The first car that I bought on my own was a 2014 Hyundai Elantra. I got suuuuper lucky with it. It had only 80k miles, it was very well taken care of with a good maintenance history and no wrecks, had a decent MPG, and I found it right when the dealership did a price drop, so it was only $10k. Unfortunately it took almost all of my college savings, so I had to work full-time to build it back up again. I’ve had it for 3, starting on 4, years now, and it’s been super reliable, even after driving it to death between hour-long uni commutes and delivery driving. So yeah, super lucky. I love it.


rip :skull:
next time you should try a toyota, the matrix my family has ran for so long the odometer ran out of miles and i’ve heard other people say they’re toyotas lasted a really long time too.

but hopefully you just won’t need to get a new one for a while.

ty, ty

i think it is kind of an ugly car because of the way the headlights are positioned, but the inside is very nice. would be even nicer if i remembered to clean the coffee spills :rofl:

very 80s. i put a bon jovi cassette in it.


This was my first car–a 1979 Pontiac Firebird gold special. I bought it used; it had about a million miles on it when I bought it but the engine had been replaced. Got about 9 miles to the gallon, but I loved muscle cars at the time and that one in particular. It was so gracious that when it finally broke down once and for all, it gave up the ghost as I was pulling into my garage. So I never had to walk home from a breakdown; just called a tow truck to take it away. I’d never buy a lowrider like that today, but sure have fond memories of that one. ( ˘ ³˘):heart: (˘ᴗ˘ღ) :heavy_heart_exclamation:애! :heart:




It was. :sob:

At the time, I couldn’t get it seen by a mechanic anywhere and my mom thought our local oil changing place might be able to do it. I would’ve originally called to ask, but my sister told me to just go in and ask them instead. So I got up early in the morning to go, and they turned me down, didn’t know where I could get my transmission looked at (because all I needed was it to be siphoned out or whatever it’s called) and so I stopped at a parking lot for a good hour or so, talking on the phone to my mom as she tried calling everywhere in town and I eventually gave up and decided to go home. Once I got through to our main downtown area, it wasn’t letting me go anything above a mile an hour and it started smoking everywhere. I was freaking out and then it just stopped. Cars were everywhere around me, and my mom—who was still on the phone lol—told me to shut the car off and push it. A nice old man helped me on the driver’s side but I tried pushing on the other and a car almost hit me. Then it got dumped at the nearest parking space away from traffic and stuff.

I was sobbing the whole time. :rofl:

Oooh! That’s nice!

And yeah, that’s very lucky! Sucks that it took your college savings, though.

Dang. They must be like zombie cars. :rofl:

Haha, they do look kind of ugly on the outside. Especially with the weird headlights lol. Sometimes remind me of granny cars. xD

Remembering to clean is always a toughy. My parents always got mad at me—well, they wouldn’t really be mad, but they’d nag me about it—if the van looked gross on the inside, which I was the same with them because you can’t use the trunk. Before my parents left, my mom had two giant boxes of tools in the back and they were both broken so there were screws and all sorts of things all over the trunk. They also had a bunch of wires, memory foam for a bed or something, and a few other giant things. I couldn’t even put groceries back there because of how much junk there was. I tried to clean it out before they left, and then it got messy again because of some weird black tarp thing that shed all over with bits and pieces. Don’t even know what it was. And it still isn’t 100% out. But now I have some stuff in the back in bags from a display I did at work (it was a Thanksgiving display and I couldn’t think of anything to craft, so I just bought a bunch of random things from the dollar store lol).

Nine miles?! :skull:

Then again, when that car was made, gas prices in the US were around a dollar or under. :rofl: Man, how I wish it was like that again.

Oh, I see how you fell in love with it. It’s a beauty! :heart_eyes:


That sounds so chaotic, I’m so sorry! And wow, I’m glad to hear that car missed you! I swear people drive crazy sometimes >_<

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