I just came up with the craziest idea...for me. [READ BEFORE COMMENTING]

I am strictly sticking to writing as a hobby and never publishing…ever.

However, I CAN still move onto the second draft only then push it to the side to focus on book two. I do what to brush up the story a way I wanted, by editing.

I will always LOVE, LOVE writing fiction, but I yearn to reward myself too.

I need to turn Project Succession into a physical novel as if it was published, but as a way of reminding myself that I did it.

You can all tell me why do that when I can just publish fully. No, I don’t want to and all of my Alagossia stories are for me and only me. Publishing takes the fun out of it for me.

I write for fun, hobby, and pleasure, not profit.

So, are there any websites where I can do that for an affordable price turn Project Succession into physical novel as if they were actually published, but aren’t?

Thoughts and feelings?



Do you know of any sites? There’s an office store called Staples that has document printing, but what I am doing or plan to do is something different…a little bit.

Any ideas?

Amazon can produce a physical book for you for next to nothing if you do all the editing and cover work or use their cover creator. I tend to get my physical copies for around $5 at author pricing. It’s a relatively simple process too.


I found something like that on Barnes & Noble, and Book Baby too.
Thanks for mentioning Amazon.

Yeah, I just want to have a physical copy for the Project Succession novel series for myself to feel completed.


But wait, where can I go on Amazon to get those services?

Like is it under Kindle or something else? Any other options you can list down that you know as well?

Here’s the link to their Kindle Direct Publishing.


You already mentioned Barnes and Noble, but I tried them and got no traction. (No one bought any copies), but that would only be an issue if you intended to sell your works… so that’s no biggie.

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Yeah, no need to publish, since this is solely for myself.
Either way, I appreciate your advice!


You’re welcome!

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Anybody else?

Webnovels are a super big deal in Asia, with a bazillion apps for light novel-type of series.


Any print on demand place. Just google for “print on demand” and they should come up. Like someone already said, Amazon and B&N will do it for a very small fee and then you just unpublish it after you print it so that you don’t sell any copies by accident. Don’t worry that anyone will buy your books in the meantime! It’s ridiculously hard to sell even a single copy, especially without advertising the book, so have no fear. (*^-‘) 乃

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Actually, I don’t think Amazon charges you for the author copy. You get that one copy for free, I’m pretty sure of it. So Amazon might be your best bet. Just click the “unpublish” button after you request the author copy.


I don’t mind paying a small price. I just went to the Kindle and end up confused. I apologize.

I got to try B&N or something else entirely. :thinking:

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I can’t vibe with Webnovels unfortunately for some reason…

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I have absolutely no idea ;-;

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