I keep overthinking a little about Alagossia's time and everything relating to it.

Like Alagossia (my fictional planet) is just different from Earth, it’s really different.

I mean the time zones and the hours of the day and night are a real thing I struggle with in terms of building my world. I want to focus on this before focusing on the other things that can come later.

I suppose I still a bit upset and a bit fixated on what is happening in chapter 2, because a deadly and crazy wintery storm is on the way, and it is making realizing that everything is happening on the same day the characters got to the country.

I know I shouldn’t think of this so soon, but I need to at least jot down notes for when I get to draft 2 .

So, I need to figure out hours in a day and with that in mind time zones. Even the days of the week and month can be crucial because honestly, the Knights will be doing a LOT of traveling to different countries with their own times and whatnot.

I know I have to work on a so much with worldbuilding my Alagossia, but I need to work one step at a time. Since so much is needing to be worked on with this fictional world.

Yes, I am aware I am overthinking while working on the first draft. I get that and a bunch more! Yet I need to make some serious notes and realizations for this.

Any thoughts and feelings, Wacky worldbuilders?

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Got even a little advice for me?

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You don’t necessarily need to do this. You can bs dates and time frames, then jump ahead in the story to where stuff happens to skip unnecessary parts of the travel.

Example: My my characters leave for Erostah in the final chapters of book 2, they say it takes 3 days to get there. I skip ahead to day 2 because that’s when something happens then skip ahead the next few hours again. Of course, I did kinda screw this one up so had to bs some ancient tunnels that could be used for one of the battle scenes :joy:

So long as you can bs the time frame and have it make sense, you don’t need too much detail. Unless you want to go deep into it in which case I question your sanity. Time frames are tricky. It sounds like everything is happening on the same world but in different places so you should be able to do it without too many problems. If you’re going across many different worlds it’s a lot harder because time is relative

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Don’t worry too much on what happens in a day in this world regardless of how many hours there is in that day.

Focus on the events, then focus on how long it would have took to do those events, then if your left with a few hours of nothing… let the characters rest, or sleep, or find something to pass the time…

Keep it simple, it often works for the best.


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@SecretDurham and @alenatenjo

Thank you! I’m over here losing my mind trying to figure out things. Gracious, the things my mind fixates on.


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Yeah, no interdimensional traveling or time traveling of any sort. Everything is happening on one planet, Alagossia.

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In that case, pick a number of hours you would like to be a year, a week, and how long a month/season is, and the number of hours a day is. This is for you to reference. Once you have those sorted, you’re all good to shape it around your world

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Something I forgot to mention, I do have made-up months, days of the week, and name of era (year).

I tend to forget to add that in the world because it is a bit tricky to manage.

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Ah okay. Im hoping you have all this written down somewhere :sweat_smile:

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Yes? thinks about it YES!

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