I know that there's a certain word for this character, but what is it?

I thought about Anjan’s character last night and a bit of the other characters too.

Anjan grew up in a horrible condition with his abusive mother who would rather do drugs, screw random men for a quick buck and treat her son like crap. Anjan’s mother told him only once but it was enough for him. She told him that love is a weakness and the world does not appreciate weakness. So, she continued to hurt and neglect him till a disease claimed her, during a Total Cleansing. Anjan much later was taken in by his father who he never knew and was raised into a wealthy family who cared and loved him way more than his own mother. However, Anjan finds the concept so foreign to him that it makes him uneasy, but in that same token he would visit his long deceased mother’s grave which is his home than collapse on her. He places down flowers for a woman who did not and never loved him, even as she died. Yet the flowers are a bit symbolic because the flowers are a bit wilted.

So, what would a word be for Anjan’s actions? Love is a weird concept that he can understand thanks to his mother, but he would give his mother’s grave/old home to place flowers in silent.

What word fits that? Thoughts and feelings?

Note: This is a thought that I have been pondering to mention Anjan’s introduction chapter.



There might not be accurate thoughts for this.

This is what Stockholm Syndrome encompasses, but that’s more falling in love.


Philophobia is another option?

What Is Cherophobia? How to Overcome a Fear of Happiness.

avoidance anxiety or intimacy avoidance?
Fear of Intimacy: Dealing With Intimacy Issues | Talkspace.


This is a bit of a challenge and I haven’t even dive deeper into Anjan’s character nor started the story.

Yet, it is a thought that made me wonder a bit.

Huh. Obviously, I got to start this and understand all my character better, not just Anjan.
Thank you for sending the links.

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I’m not sure there is a single word that encompasses all that. It’s kind of a complex concept.


Hmm…well, he dealt with trauma and that much is clear.

I hate that I am trying to put a word on this, but I was also curious.