I love multitasking when I am writing my stories!

The “issue” is that I need a computer screen and only one, where I can multitask on without the need of another monitor.

I am torn between a 32 inch and a 34-inch monitor. Getting another 27 inch is something I don’t want to do.

I want to get a monitor where I can do a split screen. So, I can write on one side and watch a show or something on YouTube on the other side.

I need help in choosing the right size monitor. I HATE, HATE 24 inch and sometimes 27 inches. I dislike being lied to and I NEED/WANT to multitask without a monitor taking up desk space.

Thoughts and feelings?

@MatthewJH and @NotARussianBot.

So, is anybody a bit tech savvy on this site?


I’m thinking a dual monitor stand with adjustable arms.

One monitor set to landscape, one monitor set to portrait to save desk space.

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I was thinking that too! I just didn’t want to go down the route of using two monitors or anything.

I was leaning onto 34 inches, but I am still unsure about going with two 27 inch monitors for one laptop.

I just wanted one thing for split screen multitasking.

I am sorry, I called you for help and it feels like I am dismissing it.

Ugh! :frowning_face:

You could use a ultra-wide screen monitor and split the screen real estate into two separate sections. One example…


I found a 34 inch ultrawide!
It’s a LG Ultrawide!

I mean I am not picky in terms of display, but of course having a great display is crucial for when I write and watch things.

I mean resolution, but I want to afford something not too pricey.

Does that make sense?