I need a bit of help with a book title/series title, any help is appreciated!

Hello everyone. I hope you are having a wonderful day. My favorite season is finally here and I’m super duper happy that it’s October and autumn and pumpkin-spicey.

I’m struggling to figure out a story title and series title (since I plan to write a duology for this series) and I’ve scrapped the previous one due to mushy-feelings of dislike.

  • Previous title: Of Dead Leaves and Rotten Branches
  • Previous Series title: The Weaves of Decay, Book 1

And when I separated it, the titles were:

  • Dead Leaves, Book 1
  • Rotten Branches

Basically, any variation of it at the time. But now, I’m looking to try something different but for the life of me, I cannot figure it out.

So here’s a bit of an info-thingy :slight_smile:
The main character is seventeen-year-old Lowri Evans. She’s a druidess training in the ancient yet dangerous arts of deathweaving (a sub-category to the sanctioned decayweaving, which ensures the flow of the circle of life and death)

Decayweaving is only taught to students who can harness a curse for 12 full moons (a year) as druids hold a strong connection to the moon and to nature, seeing the moon as a deity of sorts. The main character who comes from a ‘cult’ which specalizes in producing the most powerful decayweavers have been dabbling in the deadly arts of deathweaving, which is forbidden. And as such, when discovered, the cult is exposed and those who show the taint of deathweaving has a rune-scar etched into their forehead, which makes them unable to produce druidic magic or have any connection to nature - a vital source of a druid’s survival.

The whole premise of the story is Lowri’s coven. Druids typically have circles and orders but since her people are basically cultists who worship an ancient deity ‘The Wickerman’, they’ve since been considered a coven by outsiders. The coven, led by Lowri’s parents, is tasked with the mission of containing 500 deity souls. Most of which comes from roaming deity gods which takes the form of mythical creatures like phoenixes, deer, etc. the 500th soul is supposed to come from a druidic school’s headmaster; a World Tree deity. Lowri, as a child who can wield the gifts of life and death (it’s either one or the other) she’s tasked with the mission.

However, Lowri obviously discovers there is more to the mission than what meets the eye and she might be in more danger than she realized.

So yes, I’m struggling to figure out a good title (series and book 1, I’ll worry about book 2 when book 1 is completed unless anyone is able to help me with that too, any ideas are welcome!) and I’d appreciate the help from anyone! Thank you! :heart:

Please… any help?

Sorry, what you have is perfectly fine for what you’re aiming for, so it’s hard to think of something.

Seems that they were heavy in prophecy irl.

The whole thing?

The Deathweaver Cycle

1st book:
The Deathweaver’s Prophecy

Then you can go off on the last word of each for whatever, without having to fight with it.

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Oh my gosh.
You are absolutely brilliant.
Thank you so much!

No problem.

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