I need character driven questions, please?!


I need questions on really getting to know my characters on a plot level, along with who they are as the characters.

You can recommend me some website links for the character only question OR you can make up some questions instead, but if you make up questions, you can please give me five to ten questions only.

I know my main character Isilynor, but REALLY want to know her in terms of a character-driven story/plot. Not just her neither, because there are other characters who will become important to the story in different ways.

So, I need general questions for them as well, or rather general character driven questions for all character regardless of their role in the story.

Can any of you help me out?
Also, I might make another thread like this, but more focused on plot and story in a later thread, hours after this one.

Thoughts and feelings?



What would break them?
What would make them greater?
What would they find obscene?
What is a pet peeve?
Do they have tics?
What is their cultural obsession?
How do they view age?
How do they pack their bags?
What is their prized possession?
Who do they hate?
Is there a taste they cannot stand?
If they had to pick a Teletubby, which one would they choose?


What are their goals in life?
Who or what is most important to them?
What is a fundamental belief they hold?
What would it take for them to lose faith in that belief?
What are three of their most defining personality traits?

  1. What is their favorite color? Color psychology is fascinating.

  2. If they were an animal, what sort of animal would they be? It reveals a lot about a person, believe it or not.

  3. What would they wish for if a genie gave them 3 wishes? No wishing for more wishes, though.

  4. Do they have a most and least favorite food?

  5. Would they use social media? Forums like this do not count.


So Isilynor, baby, what do you want most in the world?
What do you plan to do to try to get it?
Why won’t that work?
What happens if you fail?
What’s keeping you from getting what you want?
What do you actually need instead?
What’s your greatest fear?
Who or what is your greatest enemy?
What’s inside you that drives you to do what you do?
How will you die a little inside if you don’t get what you need?


I am going to take a few of the questions and combine them into my top ten that I feel are important.

With five bonus questions that are fun, I will have fifteen in total for myself.


What do they do in their daily life, and what would change it so dramatically that they would fight or die to defend their intentions?

That was one question (I know, not ten. But the one I feel is the best starter point).

Create a grounded life first, and what would follow in a life changing event after that life building.



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