I need title help for my sky pirate story!

It’s pretty much sky piracy in a magical yet futuristic post-apocalyptic world corrupted by criminals and tyrannical monarchs who desire to be gods.

Jorildyn is the MC who wants to be a sky pirate like her late adoptive father who infamous sky pirate captain and a skilled swordswoman like her mother. Jorildyn travels to find a loyal and badass crew in the hopes of seeking greatness, but as she travels the world searching for crewmates and making both friends and enemies alike, she also desires to learn about herself and the magical powers that manifest. She also wants to discover the truth about the world which is brutally corrupted and vows to change it. Her dream is to become a sky pirate captain that can not only change the world, but to obtain glory and greatness that will soar her to outstanding heights.

So, Jorildyn’s goal is to gain glory, greatness, and to seek change for the world. Her crewmates have their own goals, dreams, and aspirations along with their fierce loyalty to Jorildyn, their goofy headstrong amazing leader of a captain who seems to charm them with her “brilliance” or “astounding weirdness”.

What should the title of this story be?


She is an amnesiac war goddess who fought and lost in a divine war, when she lost the world suffered because of it. Not only was she a war goddess, but she is the goddess of creation too. Her top tier enemy is her twin brother who also lost, but is viciously searching for her while causing problems as a highly infamous sky pirate king/captain.

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Come hither, friends!
If you are free because, yeah.


oh no, i’m terrible at naming things :sweat_smile:

if you have a name for Jorildyn’s ship that might work as the title/part of the title.

or maybe something like
Captain of [the Sky/the Blue/the Wind/ect.]
Chasing [Stardust/the Horizon/ect.]

or you could look into astronomy and see if anything there makes a good title. Since they’re sky pirates, and stars were used as navigation tools by real seafaring pirates. Maybe something like Pyxis Aerial (instead of Pyxis Nautica)

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I didn’t think about that.

I wanted to name Jorildyn’s pirate ship as a homage to Venali, who is her real name/she is the goddess Venali called Voyager Asakala.

There’s a hidden meaning, but I need to know what that is.

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Sometimes I do good, but this time is challenging. LOL!

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I like the idea of naming it after the ship, kind of like they did with Firefly/Serenity, especially if that name is going to be important to a twist later on. . Unfortunately I’m not very good at naming things either though, so I can’t come up with anything better off the top of my head. It’s harder when I’m not the one directly involved in the project and don’t know the world as well.


Okay, everyone, the name of this story is Jiord and the Asakala Voyage.

Jiord is short for Jorildyn, who named her pirate crew the Jiord Pirates.
Asakala is the name of the ship and is linked to a certain goddess.
Voyage is for the fact that they are going on an epic voyage to obtain glory, greatness, their dreams, and change the world.

@Akje, @Xelyn_Craft, and @copyedit.


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