I sold my tickets…

I’ve made comments before in the past that I bought Taylor Swift tickets, but now I have to retract that as I’m no longer going.

I originally bought them because my oldest sister and her friend had tickets (her friend bought them during the pre-sale earlier this year) and at the time, the tickets were selling for 300-600 a piece, which I couldn’t afford. They were talking about Era outfits and driving up in a limo and all this fun stuff, and it’s been on my bucket list for years to go see her in concert. So finally, back in early March, my sister was able to get approved through Affirm for a payment plan for the tickets, and so, I bought them. Including service fees and taxes, I bought two tickets (for my little sister and I) for a little over 1,700.

The problem now has been money related stress because we also have a planned trip to California in August, and while we’re mostly there for the beach itself, we also wanted to do things like whale watching and going to Disney. However, the finances would be on me because my sister can’t afford it, and my teen sister has a lot of trips with her youth groups and stuff that she can’t get a job to help pay for it due to not having the time. My older sister’s boyfriend was gonna come and help pay for the trip too, but he’s been acting weird about money that we think he doesn’t have what he says he have (as if he just wants to impress us, which is a load of bull). So again, it falls on me. I’ve been saving since January, and even though I have enough to guarantee us to get up there and to get a hotel room for the cheapest price, funds are still tight.

A few months ago, though, my sister’s friend ended up saying she sold her tickets which meant my sister (who hadn’t paid for hers yet) couldn’t go. And this was news to us because why would you sell them if you got them for such a low price?!

I still had hopes of going, so until today, I planned on going however I could. But this also meant that only two of us could go, and there was a fight between her and our teen sister over who gets the seat.

Then last night, as we got ourselves ready to pack (since we’re leaving today after I get off work), she said that she could put them up for sale for a total of 3,000, which means I could make a 2K profit (considering I’ve already paid off half the tickets, 1,000 more to go). She made the point that with the extra money, we could do so much more in Cali than what we were originally planning on doing, and that we don’t have to stress over money for it. So, I have the okay to sell them.

They were sold sometime around midnight, which was basically a few hours after she put them up for sale.

We’re still leaving today because our parents live an hour away from the city the concert’s based out of, but a part of me is sad because I really wanted to go. The other part knows it’s for the best.

I also hate the “walk of shame” I’m gonna be doing at work because I had to ask someone to take my Saturday shift so I could go tomorrow night. And a few people already know why I’m gonna be out of town. But now, I have to say that I never went which is horrible…

As much as I want to cry about it, I keep trying to think positive, because my sister did make a point: I spent so much money for a three hour experience. But now, I can use the profit for a week’s worth of experience.


So, there was a concert you wanted to go to, but life and finances are being unfair to you at the moment that you had to sell the tickets to get money back, now you can’t go to the concert and have to go back to work feeling down because you really wanted to go and your co-workers thought you were going?

Is that what you were getting at in a sense?
Did I misunderstood some things?

If I did, I apologize in advance.


I’ve just been freaking out about a potential Ticketmaster issue with my ticket for a different concert I was very excited about, so I can understand your pain. It sucks not being able to attend a concert you’ve really been looking forward to :frowning:

I am, however, very much in awe that such astronomical ticket prices are legal, and that huge celebrities like Taylor Swift (I’m sure she’s not the only one charging this much) are not putting a stop to it. I only paid ~$80 for my ticket and I still thought it was quite a lot :woozy_face: Even if the show is 3 hours long, more than 300 bucks is just ridiculous…

That being said! I’m sure you’ll have a great time in California and your coworkers will understand why you had to give it up. I’m kinda mad at your sisters tho, lol, it’s not fair that you have to shoulder all that financial responsibility.

What kinda stuff are you planning to do in California? :blush:


Pretty much lol

I’m still taking tomorrow and Saturday off as planned, specifically so we can see our parents, but otherwise, if anyone at work asks about it, then it’s a bit of a let-down.

I’m sorry. :sob:

I know, right?!

Like it’s not even concerts anymore, but also comedians. We were wanting to see Matt Rife and his cost 200+ dollars and I’m like, “Whyyy?”

Honestly, if I was a musical artist or whatnot, I’d only have tickets sold on my website and nowhere else so third party websites don’t have to buy and sell them for profit.

And I can understand supply and demand, if that’s what this is at the end of the day, but there needs to be a line that shouldn’t be crossed. I had extreme doubts that someone would buy a 3K two-seat ticket just because that’s way too high in price. But I saw this morning that people were buying 2-4K for one seat. My sister explained it as “desperation.” Like, I really want to go, but I couldn’t afford that.

Sameee lol I’m just financially responsible in some ways, but also don’t have as many bills as my oldest sister does because she isn’t even able to save money. But I’m sure she would be able to if she cut some costs on some things…

Our main plan has been to see the ocean until sunset because we’ve never done that any time we’ve gone in the past (our parents are old and get crabby fast lol so it wasn’t something we could always do).

The second thing would be to go to Disneyland. Originally, it was going to be the original park, but with the extra money, we could now visit Disneyland California which we’ve never gone to. I’ve been to Disneyland quite a few times in the past, but it’s always been to the original park.

We were also hoping to hit up San Diego Zoo if that was possible, as we’ve never been.

Whale watching was also on our list. Before we moved, our parents took us once and it was really cool. I don’t think we saw whales, but we saw a lot of dolphins.

We also wanted to see Queen Mary. If we had money left over, we could stay the night. But our thought was to take a haunted tour.

My little sister has her heart set on seeing the Hollywood sign, despite my oldest sister deciding against it because of traffic and large crowds. But it could be something we do.

We were thinking of going to the Santa Monica pier because of the small amusement park on it. My oldest sister and I probably won’t go on any rides due to our size, but it’d be cool to take some photography photos.

I also had my heart set on going to a cafe or restaurant next to the ocean. I put on a lot of ambient videos on YouTube when reading and writing, and there’s a few where there is a cafe or something on the beach, and if I could find a place like that, that’d be awesome.

My oldest sister wanted us to drive up north to San Francisco to mostly go to Alcatraz, and while the idea sounds nice, I told her that it’s kind of stupid considering that takes eight hours out of the trip. So I don’t know if we would even do it, but it’s on the table.

We were also thinking of stopping by the Grand Canyon while we drove there since they’re going next week with their group. They wanted to include me, in a way, on that adventure.

Otherwise, it’s pretty much whatever else we could come up with. :sweat_smile:


That reminds me a little about how I was ready to go to the New York Comic Con with a friend, but I messed up badly and could not go and to get my money back.

Yeah, I was WAY TOO excited that I made an error that prevented me for even going.

So, yeah, other life related things happened around that time too.

Still, it is nice that you get to travel to see your folks.
Have as much fun as you can!


I’m sure it’s an infrastructure thing, on top of it being a business thing. Selling tickets worlwide to so many people requires a lot of processing power and a well-established tech support and security systems. So, someone like Taylor Swift is better off using a service provider like Ticketmaster for it, but considering her star power, she could probably also put her foot down and say, I’m not doing this if you’re just gonna rip off my fans. Dunno, that’s the way I see it, I may be wrong :woman_shrugging:

Honestly my first thought at the original post was that your older sister needs a better boyfriend and your younger sister, better friends :joy:

Omg yes, sitting down with a coffee or a drink with a great view is one of my favourite things to do on vacation :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Sounds like you got lots of exciting plans, hope you have a great time!!

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