I thought of a wickedly awesome idea for an ending!!!

Like it is wonderful to me and it is a grand spoiler, but in all honesty, even if I wrote it down and place it somewhere in order to remember it for later, I afraid that I might not want to go that route or forget to check the paper.

But it is so awesome because the side novella for Red Reign series is going to be Red Blizzard, but it will be the aftermath of what happened after the story in Red Reign: The Ascension of Renna | Book 3 many, many years later.

I am taking the eternal winter thing and adding it to story of Red Blizzard, but there will be a major backstory on why there is an eternal Blizzard.

I might have to plot or planst this novel series at some point, because I rather not get caught up in my wild ass idea then falter and get confused in the end along with overwhelm.

Yet to plot and plan a series even if a little is taxing and boring and overall annoying as hell, even though the story does call for it.

Anyway, the overall thing is that I have an great idea for an ending that will make worlds of sense for the side novella Red Blizzard.

I could share, if you want me to. I highly doubt I would post this online because Red Reign is strictly a my eyes thing till I am fully ready.

Thoughts and feelings?

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You’re going all “let me give myself crazy work again!” and it’s adorable, in this stage.

But if it’s workable, work it.


True, and I always seem to do that…

Honestly, I was supposed to do only a duology rather than a trilogy instead. I don’t even know why I added a third when clearly two is better.


Because it’s what the brain meats does.


sarcastic tone
Oh what fun.


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Anyone else???

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taps foot and waits until realizing answer isn’t coming

So…what’s the ending then? ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

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There’s two endings actually, it is a matter of which one is gnawing at me the most.

Spoilers below:


Renna gets her revenge…sorta, but doesn’t rule the world like she did in the past. Instead, she places a strange curse on the world of Alagossia, but throwing it into an eternal winter by “self-destructing herself”. Now, many centuries later, the world is in an terrible eternal winter where some locations are worst than others.


Renna and her Breaker enact the Breaking, but betrayal at the final minute causes them to lose against their enemy once again. Yet Renna somewhat knew that would happen, but couldn’t fully prepare in the way she knew how. So, in order to get back at the betrayer and the Firstlings both, she places the whole world in a grim apocalyptic eternal winter. Now, Renna is gone once more, the Rhaks are lost with their queen again, the Breakers scramble to find away to end the winter apocalypse, and the entire world is dying off drastically from the sudden winter that they weren’t ready for.

Yet centuries after the apocalyptic winter started, people are rather the remaining Rhaks are drastically searching for a way to end the winter in their disguised forms. However, the apocalyptic blizzard brings something scary as hell that not even the Rhaks and the others were expecting.

That is all I got.

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Sorry for the wait.
I came with two options that can use work, but they are pretty good if fleshed out enough towards the end of book two and the start of the Red Blizzard.

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