I thought of an interesting idea for when I get back into reading novels!

Honestly, I’ve always struggled with reading physical books mainly because my mind get cluttered, distractions surround me, and overall my ADHD just isn’t allowing me to do that.

Audiobooks are a bit better till I forget to finish listening to them and such.

Right now, I am not reading anything fiction wise, nor am I writing any fiction of my very own. but there are times when I do want to enjoy a good book. Too bad I am not there yet and I do want to get there.

The interesting idea that I had was doing a read-along with some annotating the book a bit. So, what I mean is that I listen to the audiobook as I read along and do some annotating of what I read.

I feel like that might be the only way that I can possibly get immersed into the story because the way I read now is not doing anything.

I have been waiting to slowly get back into reading until my low iron levels are normalized and at a healthy place, because I am suffering the way things are now and reading will do me no good since my ADHD medications aren’t even working to the fullest because of it.

So, what are you thoughts and feelings?

I do understand that the decision is up to me in the end, but I did find the idea something to try and different. There is nothing wrong with trying something new and see where it takes me.

That’s is all I got and wish me luck.
I might make a thread days or weeks later to ask for recommendations for the genre that I prefer.

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Yeah, a lot of people on YouTube recommend annotating books to get more out of them. Hope it works for you! ( ˆ◡ˆ)۶ ٩(˘◡˘ )


True. I just never thought to try it out to now!

Nothing wrong with doing something different just to see if it will work for me and help me out in the end.

Thanks a bunches!

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Personally, annotating isn’t my thing, so I can’t say anything about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you tried graphic novels?

I was thinking of getting into them recently especially when I’m in a reading rut. They’re like manga, so I thought maybe they might help me get back into reading.



Most of them are Korean webcomics and Manhwa.

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How about physical ones?


I have just this for now.


Schedule reminders for a month when you start a new book, if necessary. I know it’s a slog that’s hard to get through, but the habit would help you.


That’s a pretty nifty idea!