Ideas for my Alagossian novel, Frostsong, now and the possible future!

Three ideas that can combine into one thing or two of the ideas or just one for my novel Frostsong.

My old idea when I thought of the story was an apocalyptic winter caused by an ice witch. Now, it’s that and something else.

The ideas:

  1. A group of Knights travel through Alagossia caught in an Ice Age (some places aren’t as bad as others) apocalypse to kill a dangerous ice witch that caused this problem, but comes across dangers in the appearance of monstrous creatures and deadly secrets.

  2. After losing her family, a young woman courses through a winter apocalypse, to seek help and make her way to a safe area. Yet she ends up fighting for survival against monstrous creatures, deadly secrets, and the ice witch who desires to capture her for reasons unknown.

  3. A winter curse destroyed a kingdom, but doomed the whole world as well. With the world of Alagossia placed in a winter apocalypse, trying to undo the horrible curse while struggling to make sense of the world, tensions run high in the Sovereign’s Imperial Court and the Knighthood Alliance as a trio of people know the genuine truth behind the ice witch’s motives, along with how saving the world, could destroy it forever.

These are the ideas for Frostsong. The meaning behind Frostsong ties in with the ice witch’s curse.

She sings a song of sorrow while enduring a cold bitter life, which forces her to damn the world by freezing it over. Frostsong is how the queen’s song of pain and suffering turned the world into a deadly winter.

Thoughts and feelings?



What are your thoughts on the ideas? I want your opinions about the three.
Would combining all three work? Maybe two or to focus on just one and only one?

Let me know.


I think all could be combined into one big, interesting idea.

An example of how I think this could go:

(Idea 1) A group of soldiers (either from the Imperial Court or Knighthood Alliance) stuck in the Ice-Age seek to end the curse upon the land by finding a rumored trio, who know of the ice-witches motives. On their journey, they encounter not only monsters but… (Idea 2) A young woman who recently lost her family seeking safety and shelter. They journey together until… (Idea 3) They are attacked. The young girl must battle for her life. In the midst of battle, chaos swarming her, the soldiers who had sworn to protect her and bring her to safe haven dying. Why stuck in battle, she learns from the shouts of the monstrous creatures that they seek not to kill her but to capture her and bring her to the ice-witch. When the battle is over, she is told to seek out a trio of people who know the genuine truth behind the ice-witches motives–they are her only hope in discovering why the ice-witch wants her, and what she intends to do with her.



Where have you been all of my life, friend?




Anyone else got things to say, because @lowarlo pretty much nailed it?

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I feel that all three could be woven together…



Thanks! :smiley:

Definitely seconding this


Yeah. That was great.

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Making a thread for the “second” novel called The Roar of a Lionheart.

Now, with this second story, what the hell was that suppose to even be originally? LOL!

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