Illustrated Book Covers

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I’m Mari Pascual and I make covers for all book genres, including non-fiction and poetry. I have been designing/illustrating book covers for three years now. I currently work for a Paris based editorial but I’m always hungry and ready to devour new projects that I manage as a freelance artist.

Here is what I offer:

• A custom e-book cover (from $30 to $50)
This includes a PNG or JPG image ready to use as your book cover in Amazon, Inkitt or Wattpad. Two 3D mock-ups images and an a social post for advertising your book.

•Printable book cover (from $50 to $100) ONLY FOR COMPLETED BOOKS
This includes front, back and spine design and illustration. PDF file for Amazon Kindle Print (paperback or hard cover; both type of covers may have an extra charge) PNG files optimised for e-book cover use. Four 3D mock-up images. Two social media posts for book advertising.

•If your book is not completed I can illustrate the back and provide it a separate file along with your e-book cover for $20

•Illustrations to use inside the book (from $10 to $50) if you order more than 3 illustrations you will get a 15% of the final cost.

•If you want express delivery it will cost an additional $10 for each week you want me to rush. Depending on the complexity of the project the whole process of illustrating and designing can take from 2weeks to one month. I don’t take projects for less than a week of time frame and depending on the kind of book cover delivering in such time will be an extra charge of $30 added to the final budget.

Prices may change depending on the complexity of the illustration and design but it won’t be more than the top price specified in this post

NOTE: I only create original illustrations and I hardly do photo manipulated covers. I do not violate copyright laws and all my art is original. Fonts and Typography used are always free domain. If you’re interested in hiring me you can contact me through the link below and we can discuss the project and pricing. Consulting me about it is totally free😜
Once the price has been settled you must pay a 30% in advance after the approved concept. If you cancel in 24h after the concept have been approved this money will be refound. Later than that I won’t give it back for the waste of time😿

Instagram contact (also check out for portfolio):

Email: [email protected]

I offer always from 2 to 4 concept arts for you to choose. I must read parts of the story and I always try to bring your vision as a writer to life.

If you’re a profesional writer or you want to publish your book investing in a great book cover is one of the most important things!!
Don’t be afraid of asking me anything!!


I just wanted to say, those are so beautiful! :heart_eyes: