I'm a bit envious of these types of writers.

The mere thought of doing that, though, is a bit intimidating. It’s cool to have the ability to voice the story out quickly… but imagine the editing… :grimacing: I’ve tried to the voice-to-text once before and I had to continuously stop to add commas, apostrophes, periods, even re-spell names and whatnot.

Voice-to-text is perfect to get your ideas out. But not for writing. Unless you want to handle the massive amount of work when it comes to editing… and to that, I say good luck.

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Didn’t you know? People love a “good” challenge, right?

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First draft, they voice everything out then edit it all in the second draft.

I figure they do that voice thing once or twice (if they need to), then again you never know with other people.

So, that might be just me assuming that.

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