I'm a "human" doing non-human things!

Do you have a character who looks human, sounds human, or is humanoid, but can do things THAT ARE IMPOSSIBLE FOR ANY HUMAN TO DO???

(Sorry for yelling at the end.)

My Turn:

After changing my MC, I come to an understanding that Ryker is NOT human in the slightest. He is immortal-ish and can wield powers or in this case mage craft. He has alien blood that makes him stand out from a mere mortal.

I wanted Ryker to look human, sound human, behave like a human being, but not actually be human.
He is still disabled physically (like lost of limbs and an eye), but if you were to look at him, you could not tell that he was once in a major train wreck that could have claimed his life. The hospitals did an excellent job giving him new artificial limbs and false skin. Ryker isn’t like most mages who can regenerate their body parts. However, if he stole that power from someone, then maybe.

What about you though? Do you have a “human” character doing non-human things that are beyond what a human being can do?

Lend me your thoughts!


My MC is a synthetic human, so even though he has human DNA, his organic body was grown in a lab and is genetically enhanced to be more efficient (stronger, faster, heightened senses, etc…) while the cybernetic parts of him allow for even more enhancements (wifi/bluetooth compatibility, able to see in infrared, night vision, etc…). He looks human, acts human, even shares human genes, but isn’t quite human because his brain is a computer processor programmed with incredibly advanced artificial intelligence technology.


Eating nukes.

If you can’t disarm it, stomach acid usually does the trick.


Sounds delicious


One of my characters is a psychic medium who can see/speak to spirits as well as cross over physically into the spirit world. For all intents and purposes, she’s still human, she just has a little extra spice.


I am so confused…


I always seek to confuse and intrigue


That is really cool.

I was going to make my MC an android who can wield magical powers and summon people from the past.

…Still thinking about it…



I bet it taste spicy and have explosive flavor…

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My Elgana Sorcerers, most of them look Human and sound Human and do Human things (like being late to class, complaining about teachers, sibling bickering), but they start aging slowly once puberty hits and can heal fast (meaning they also never get sick). The biggest difference is probably the magick they wield by saying spells :stuck_out_tongue:


Ooh, that’s an interesting concept! I mixed biology and technology for mine, but if you mix technology and sorcery for yours that would be an even bigger game changer! I’d definitely be interested in reading about an android that can use magic.

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Well, then it appears I have my character.
Ryker Atlas, a mage android.

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You have succeeded then


I can’t think of a fleshed out character that isn’t abnormal, due to the scifi/fantasy angle. But it’s under some assumptions and extrapolations.

For example, my whole family dreams events before they happen…well, I don’t know about my kids, yet. Time will tell, there. It’s not a controllable “ability”…
To the point where I’m not sure that calling it an ability is right.

But it does mark that abnormal humans exist.

And sometimes abnormal skews into weird areas. For example: ADHD isn’t known for easily understanding emotional interaction, sometimes being called “developmentally delayed”, over the years. It’s not severe, but it’s funny how there are times where I don’t get interaction, and then suddenly I get uncannily accurate.

A really small thing, where I can’t even remember what happened, just what I told another kid: I was 16, on a church trip, and I told some 12 year old that: a. He was wrong (and the kid was brilliant so he wouldn’t automatically agree with it), b. Point blank, in the near future he’d understand that I was right, c. He’d come to me and tell me so, d. And I wouldn’t remember the conversation, and finally, e. He’d be pissed that it worked out like that, where I didn’t even remember.

Less than a week later, he told it all back to me. I’m confused because I don’t remember the conversation, but I did ask him: “well, does it make you mad?”


So, I laughed.

In a lot of spiritual circles, this is called a “spirit of discernment”. I was struggling back then, with interaction. I still do, to this day, on occasion: way better about it now, or writing would be hell. But since I’m much older, have seen a lot and every once in a while get pretty uncanny.

So: “Humans can’t do that!”

I already do weird freaky stuff. Why can’t a rare human do this thing? Just because you have been conventional doesn’t mean the rest of humanity is.

So, I have a dowsing human (one who doesn’t use rods, but the whole of themselves and their minds to find people). My husband has dowsed before, as has his coworkers (with wires in their hands) for pipelines they needed to find (that arent marked on any map). Normally, old folks would do that just to find a place to put a well, for underground streams. My husband and his coworkers are using that to find natural gas pipelines. It’s not frequently done, they rely on more scientific methods when they can (tracer wire with a machine that puts out a pulse that another box read), that one is used for more often.

That ain’t a trick I want to pick up.


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