I'm baaaack (again)

I swear every time I come back here and get back into the swing of things life decides to throw some massive curveball at me that destroys all sense of peace and organization I’ve created.

This time it was a surprise baby of all things. Totally not freaking out over wrangling 2 little kids and attempting to have some sort of writing career. At all.

How is everyone? What are you guys working on? What epic successes have you had in the last few months? Give me all the updates and if anybody has ever managed to write a book with a baby and a toddler on them 24/7 please give me all the advice


I am good. Currently trying to tackle three novels and life at the moment.

It’s good that you are back. :slightly_smiling_face:


That sounds busy but fun! What are your novels about?


I’ve made a few changes here and there, but this is what the novels are about.

Here are the novels:

Heretic: The Red Ghost-A female humanoid being stumbles into a dimensional gate that leads her to the multiverse where every single being is fighting each other and to find out who slain five cosmic divine entities that kept the multiverse in harmony, becomes forced to help the multiverse and its problems because of who she is.

The Mage Lord: Machina Reborn-An arrogant yet extremely powerful high ranked Mage dies and is reincarnated as a human android who is a servant to a low ranked Mage and desires to not only save his clan but become a Mage Lord once more.

The Breakers: The Witch of Arcane Sins-A prince who is both a Necromancer and Alchemist combines both powers and creates a homunculus that houses the soul of an absurdly powerful ancient witch that brought forth calamity to the world eons ago.

That is all I got.


Those all sound like a lot of fun to work on!


Thanks so much.

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I got a virus but I think that YA Booktok would like Pucca. Just transplant the main concept into a Sarah J Maas type of world and you’ll go viral, easily.

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What’s Pucca?

And I hope you feel better soon

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Huh. I don’t use TikTok but does look like the kind of thing social media would be all over


It’s even Korean!