I'm starting a writing club at my school!!

Hey! I haven’t been active on here much but I just kinda want to check back and see how you guys are doing:))

To get to the point~ I’ve mostly have everything down but I feel like there might be some other things that I haven’t thought of. I have the usual fun prompts or mini lessons on writing but I feel like there could be more.

I’d love to see any more ideas you guys can add to make the club more fun! Thanks in advance <33


Critique circles?
Maybe read alongs like we have in book clubs, but with a focus on analyzing the book from a writing perspective?


Ooh yeah definitely! I’m hoping to do a lot of constructive criticism :))

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  1. Do a quick competition during the meeting, especially if you’re a small group:
  • Write down what you can in a minute, on a giant index card, give people a chance to finish their last sentence (so loose, not strict). Read them out loud and vote on the best one.
  1. These could be typed up as a “newsletter” and placed around school, for fun, to drum up more interest. An email newsletter would be easy to set up (or whatever thing your generation does to get short stories out, but via club name with attributes to the authors).

  2. When you do your bake sales or other fundraisers, incorporate writing into them.

  • Something crazy like “how to ruin a cookie recipe”, where you have the recipe for the cookies at the bake sale, but somehow halfway through the instructions, a little cute monster takes over the paper to tell you about his first day of monster kindergarten, something just plain silly…

i’ll get out the stuff i had from the last writing club i was in for you when i have my computer out later!

but for now, a good idea would be to talk to your school librarian, if you haven’t already. idk about where you live but here we take a class specifically on running programs (like writing clubs), so they should know just how to help you.


So sorry!! Been awfully busy with school and life in general, tysm for the ideas I really appreciate it :DD

These look really fun but it’s gonna be a new group so I’ll be hard to do a lot of these things especially since I’m thinking that there won’t be as much people and well be meeting every two weeks, but I’ll keep this in mind once we’ve grown bigger!!

We do have a seperate art literature magazine club that I’m definitely aiming to have the club members do!

Yep there’s definitely a lot of fun English/writing classes in my school, it’s gonna just be a chill club for now and I do have an English teacher supervising so it’ll be fun :))

Good luck, then. Hope you get big enough to do these things.

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