are there any other good websites to apply for jobs :sob::sob: because indeed is so fucking BAD i cant take that website anymore. and linkedin isn’t an immediate option either

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Umm…would Monster be great for you or ZipRecruiter?

I can’t think of anymore, then again, I could be wrong about the last one.

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I’ve only ever used Indeed, but there’s Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, FlexJobs, and CareerBuilder. I haven’t used the last two to look for jobs, but they popped up on a Google search. You can also just type into Google “Jobs” and where you live, and it should pop up with advertisements at the top?

If you have a specific one in mind, like a company you really want to work at, I’d suggest going to their personal website. When I got my job at my local library, they didn’t advertise anywhere but their website that they were hiring. So it may be similar to some other places.


The ones I know of are unstop, cuvette, superset, internshala