Indian Dressing culture - a brief guide



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Some types of traditional sareers

This time, we’re going to look at saree styles from all over the country, that are draped differently, and next time, we’ll cover fabrics!

  1. Kanjeewaram: This south indian style is categorized by its thick and heavily designed borders, called katha, and the padar, which has a pattern similar to the katha. These are silk sarees, usually hand woven, and known for their craftsmanship. These are also often worn to functions, but for the most important functions, the benarasi sarees are preffered. With good reason, Kanjeewaram is also known as the benarasi saree of the south.

  2. Gujarati drape: This is not a type of saree, more of a drape of saree. It is worn differently in the sense that the padar, which usually falles down your back upto your knee, in this case is taken up front and openes like a fan on your chest. Difficult to visualise if you haven’t seen it in action, so here’s an image.

  3. Benarasi silk sarees: These sarees of course, come from benaras and are made of silk. These are, like the kanjeewaram, known for their patterns and weave, and the katha and padar, which make these really famous. These have intricate detailing even on the main body, gold work, gold patterns. These are very very functional and are almost always worn only for special functions and events.

Benarasi saree

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Hey guys! This time, we’re covering DAILYWEAR! (traditional, ofc)

A KURTA is traditionally just mens-wear, but now it’s worn by everyone across genders. It’s charactersied by a long formal top that reaches your knees - although fashions make it shorter or longer - and has splits at the sides below the hips. This is accompanied by a chudidaar or salwaar, tradtionally - yes, the same pant style you would wear with a punjabi dress. Now, fashion includes wearing these with many styles - the palazzo, for example.
For formal functions, this is also accompanied by a jacket.

Simple cotton Kurta:

couple in simple kurta

A little bit of fancy never hurt anyone:

fancy kurta

These are what pass for mens’ wedding wear in Maharashtra, not traditionally our dress, but most popular - except for the pooja bits, but we’ll cover those outfits later. Let me know what other dress styles you’d like to see, or if there are dress for specific events you want me to cover, or anything else!

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I’m back with sarees!

…yes, more sarees. You can never have enough sarees.

The BENGALI SAREE, is a traditionally white and red saree - white for the body, and red for the katha (borders). This is also draped in the Bengali style, also known as the Athpourey style. Instead of pleats both at the bottom and top, this saree is just draped 'round the waist and then over the upper body. THe pallu is pulled over the right shoulder.

bengali saree

Fun Fact: Tradtionally, the head of the house would tie the keys to the pallu to indicate status.

The Coorgi Drape is a very specific drape worn in a very tiny region – Coorg in Karnataka. The main difference from a general drape is in the upper body - instead of draping it diagonally over the shoulder, Coorgi ladies drape it horizontally under the arms and bring the pallu over the right shoulder like the bengali drape.

Fun Fact: Coorg is known for its’ military regiment in the army and honorable people. Class 10 students in India have a lesson about Coorg in their english textbooks.

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Do you guys want me to add a resources post where I direct you to articles about different dresses? I'll make it a wiki so everyone can share.
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