Individual magic? Do any of your characters wield magic or even superpowers that are unique to them?

In the world of fantasy, at least the ones that involve magical powers, even superpowers are great too, characters have that type of power that is unique to them and them alone.

I pondered this in terms of my own characters and as I worldbuild Alagossia. Every single person on Alagossia has the ability to use magical powers granted to them by the air and their race, but even they need their own individuality.

That is what I wanted to talk about for science-fiction and fantasy writers, including me on this site. Especially the writers that work on stories with their own magic system.

So, magic should feel unique, even if people have the same type of magical powers. I am wondering that about Jorildyn and Aeris and the other characters in my stories. I have to know more about Alagossia, yet that is a topic for another time.

How unique are the characters in your story, magically? Tell me, as much as you can.

Thoughts and feelings?



Want to share your thoughts and more?

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My magic-system is elemental based, so for the most part the powers (and spells) are not unique per-person. The only truly unique thing is how good you are at casting magic. Each persons’ element is, though, dependent upon them and is oftentimes passed down via family genetics.

But I do have one character who has a rare elemental magic called ‘Aether’ (based on greek lore). In that legend, aether was thought to be the air the gods breathed. It is essentially the material that fills the region beyond the terrestrial sphere. The concept of it was used in theories to describe natural phenomenon such as gravity, and light. In my world, “aether” is essentially raw atmospheric magic. My character can control aether and use it to manipulate light (and much later on) control gravity. :D. It’s a very rare form of magic.

I have another character who has two elements. Fire and air. Air was transferred to them (as magic oftentimes can be) by their mother-figure. It’s a very taboo transference, but it worked out. This makes her both pretty powerful, but also combustive, learning both elements is very difficult for her.


That is a bit true for Alagossia’s magic system, the gripe is that I never dived deeper into that while world-building.

I mean, the characters or rather people gain special magic powers because of their race, mystic veins, and where they live in the world, along with what the familial background is.

Though depending on the race, one parent’s gene is stronger than the other which can produce stronger magical powers and abilities.

Aeris is of mixed blood and her mother’s genes are stronger than her father. Jorildyn is pure blood, but her father’s genes are the strongest between her parents.

Okay this one is a bit complicated since I’m still working it out :joy: Overall, there’s a finite amount of powers that people can have but some are a hell of a lot more common than others. There are less than ten that are considered ‘unique’ mainly because I haven’t fully developed all of them.

My ‘unique’ characters magically are Amneris, Colt, Xix and Hathor.

All four of them have the power of what’s called a Yenrebennu (Creation Phoenix). There are only four and those Phoenixes attach to a specific soul. So it doesn’t matter how much you reincarnate, you will always have the power of that Phoenix. Amneris has the Light Phoenix, Xix has the Dark Phoenix, Colt has the Immortal Phoenix and Hathor has the Time Phoenix.

Then there’s the Balance Keeper powers. There are three Balance Keepers but the power changes between generations so I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s ‘unique’ even if there’s only one being that can grant those powers.

Amneris has copy magic and is the only case on record of ever having it. Hathor has Time Magic which is one of the forbidden magics and is the first person in a few generations to have it. Xix and Amneris can access the Ancient Elements - another forbidden magic - but Xix is way better at it.

Species wise, Carmin, Jay and Ema are ‘rare’.

Carmin is the last of the Vision Dragons as far as she’s aware. They were hunted to extinction because they can see into the future and the others didn’t like what they saw so feared the power.

Ema and Jay are both Fae whose particular type only have access to one or two element’s power. They have access to all of them. Jay’s is hereditary, his whole family has access to all the elements. No one knows where Ema’s came from.

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Again, you’d have to read The Endurlon to understand Gelrid’s Powers and His personal choice to use them when required and to stay his uses when need be…



In the Elgana books, there is a character with a rare form of magick. Sorcerer magick is usually colorless and comes out like white mist or white light. They use color spells to put color onto their powers to stand out from others and establish their individual color theme.

Cypur begins as a normal Sorcerer with colorless magick (for certain academic reasons, he’s unable to use the color spells). Later, it turns out his magick is golden. It’s his magick’s natural color. Gold magick is not unique to Cypur, but it’s quite rare, and it has only been recorded a few times so far.

So, yes, gold magick is seemingly unique to Cypur, but it has happened a few times before.

The same story with lion girl Sovanna who has solar magick. It’s not unique to her as it has existed in other lionkind royals in the past. Her grandfather was her predecessor in solar magick wielding. However, in the events of the story, solar magick does make her stand out as an individual because she’s the only one alive with it.

Similar story to supporting character Taro Redfoot. He has ice magick (unique to his species, Aerisi) and Taro, as an individual, has the magical ability called the “Rider” which he’s born with and which binds him to an ancient ice beast. However, since he was the child of a human mother and Aerisi father, his “Rider” is slightly defected and potentially dangerous. So, this defected “Rider” ability is unique to Taro, but the ability itself is not unique. He and his brother Kazo both have it, and so do their parents.


Gold magick, solar magick, and more?

I love how you separate magick from magic.


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Magick is the magical power kind. Magic is the ones with tricks and acts. At least, I like to follow this definition :grin:

But if someone says “magic” in the context of their writing and world, I’ll use “magic” when talking about their world and “magick” when talking about mine :wink:

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Somewhat. Rachael’s powers are unique to her–and her mother, and her werewolf ancestry is normal. But the precog is a mix of her personality and the 2 powers mixing together to become unique.

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Anybody else?

I came up with one last night–the ability to communicate with spirit animals

In this world there are spirit animals living around and although everyone has a spirit animal, there’s a girl that can communicate with them and she’s the only one.