Inspiring thing I watched about a hero's journey

Found an inspiring video that made me think of my draconic character quest idea.

I only watched it because it claimed to be about sirens (which I have in my current NaNo story), but it was hardly about sirens, more so about what a hero’s journey is.

If you do watch the whole thing, any thoughts on what they say?


You may like this video better.

Also I need to share some videos I saw that you can compare and constrast between. I’ve been talking to a friend of mine, he said that ATLA and DBZ teach the opposite lesson.


Oh look, that came up in my recommends :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s in my favorites list to watch later. I also just watched an episode on mermaids on the Decoding the Unknown channel. The lengths people go to make fake mermaids out of monkey heads and fish tails :upside_down_face: