Ipad or Tablet for EVERYTHING and EVERYDAY usage???

@JohnnyTuturro, @AMMeyers, @J.L.O, @JojoDahlia, @Akje, and @Xelyn_Craft:

Guys, I want to truly apologize for this, because this WHOLE thing is consuming my thoughts in such a negative way.

I am wasting HOURS dwelling on this and doing nothing productive.

I just want to stop dwelling on it and wait for the time to comes to purchase.

I am way too impatient for no reason.



It’s alright.

:joy: If I was you, I’d just get something cheap and beam it across to the monitor. A laptop, not an expensive tablet. Just be done with it :stuck_out_tongue:


Ive never had an ipad nor a tablet so cant help with this


I have the ipad 12.9 inch and I do literally everything on it, everything you listed above. I even stopped using my laptop ever since I got it. I do all my work and school work on it. I’m even going to use it to run my business. But the main main reason I got it is to draw and I love the big display for drawing. Besides the art tho, the 12.9 is just so nice!! I got it in 2020 and I still love it so much. It’s like a laptop if you get a keyboard.

And if you get a keyboard, get a dupe. Don’t be like me and give $300 to Apple for their keyboard. After 3 years, the leather is starting to break.

I also saw some reviews on Youtube and they said if you’re not super into drawing but you’re gonna read, get the 11. If you are gonna draw often, get the 12.9.

But just get whatever size you want, of course.


I bought an Ipad Air 4 and it can do everything a laptop can and even though it was truly expensive (I bought the pen with it) I have never, not once, wished I hadn’t gotten it. You can get a bluetooth keyboard for cheap and it will all connect to it. Plus you can do amazing art and they have all the apps for writing and common daily use. I love it. I use it every day for everything and I take it with me all the time. Once it has a nice little cheap cover you can have it propped up like a tv.
A laptop is nice but it can only do so much. I love my Ipad. I never spend that much money but it is so worth it. But make sure it’s what you want.

Though if I’m being honest, every laptop I’ve ever had quickly started going downhill, started freezing, and eventually was so slow that I couldn’t use it and they never lasted longer than a couple years. They are cheaper depending on which ones you buy but even the touch screen ones are not great. They don’t pick up touch the best.
I recommend an Ipad. And I don’t even like apple. This is the only apple device I have ever had.


@MoFoMi and @shutupsin:

I was going to hook it up to a 27 inch computer monitor in order to work on it.

So, I do like the 12.9 inch, but which year should I get 2021 or 2022?

Thanks for answering.

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They’re both pretty much the same tbh. There are no major upgrades between the two.

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