Ipad or Tablet for EVERYTHING and EVERYDAY usage???

I have options for writing and browsing the internet.
I just worried that I will want more than I should. I just want an electronic device strictly for creative writing, browsing the internet, watching anime and YouTube, reading books (manga, webtoons, and audiobooks)and listening to music.

That is all I need and should have anyway.
So, I just need a 27 inch computer monitor(s) to make the magic happen.

My question to you all is this: Should I get an Ipad pro 12.9 or a new Samsung Galaxy tab or both?

Honestly, I may go with one of the two if push comes to shove…maybe.

You are probably going to tell me to just get a desktop or laptop that does the job equally better. That is true, but do I need those things when I do so little on what I have now?

I don’t play games unless it is Nintendo based, I don’t take pictures and edit videos, and anything else that can be done via laptop or desktop.

Thoughts and feelings?


I need pros and cons for getting either a tablet or iPad pro STRICTLY for daily and everyday use.

Because in the end it is still my decision and up to me.
I just want to be certain.


Get a laptop. They are more powerful, come with a keyboard and can be found cheaper. Yes, Apple ones too, believe it or not.

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One thing I will say about not getting closer to the best and newest tablets, the harder it is to play newer apps for the kids.

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Unless the laptop is a 17.3 inch, I will not use the keyboard on a small laptop.

That will drive me bonkers.

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Actually… if you plan on using it for reading and watching stuff but also writing and browsing the internet, an iPad can work, and can work well. My sister has one that she uses for drawing but she has this specific magnetic case with a keyboard, so you can turn it flat-side with screen-up and it’s an iPad, and then turn it to where it stands by itself (with the case as a support) and it turns into a laptop. Plus, it’s small enough to fit in most bags so it’s portable—you can easily take it anywhere you want.

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Ah…what about a kid friendly tablet?
They do have those, right?

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Yeah, I was using it for those reasons only.
Even with what I have now, I barely use it for so much.

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I… wouldn’t be able to tell you. :sweat_smile: But I found this article that talks about it.

You can turn either or kid-friendly (most likely) through the settings. My little sister once had a kindle (giant looking tablet, though—one of the newer models back in 2018ish) and her account was strictly under a child’s account from the settings.

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But you want to use an iPad keyboard for writing? Doesn’t make much sense to me.


I already have keyboards that you would use for desktop computer and two usb-c hubs. I just need a 27 inch monitor for whichever option.

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Those aren’t lway up to date, either. Remember most the companies selling dont knoe jack about their products so dumb things are pushed.

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Ah, I see.

iPad’s best if you’re already an Apple user. Go for Samsung if you want seamless Android/Samsung/Google connectivity. You can get Google on iPads tho. You won’t need both lol. Either one will be more than capable for those tasks.

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I can’t offer any advice since I have no experience with either device and I’m dirt poor, so electronic decisions are always based on what we can afford vs how much memory we need, etc. Also there’s no way in hell I could ever type up a novel without a full keyboard in front of me. And I need tons of memory to store all my files – mp3s, ebooks, images, videos, etc, so no way I could ever make use of a little handheld device, except of course, my Kindle for reading. But I don’t use that for anything else. (=^ェ^=)

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There’s something that has been nagging at me for a while and I feel terrible for asking.

If you don’t answer, that is completely fine.

Just wondering, exactly, how old are you?
I am a bit too curious.

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Eh, I don’t mind. I was born in 1978. Why? Do older people tend to prefer bigger devices? I wouldn’t be surprised… (>‿◠):v:

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Personally, I don’t like apple products. They are more expensive, don’t last as long, and are exclusive. What I mean by that is the file types will not work with most other devices unless they are also apple products, certain programs and software will not work on them, and if you buy an apple product, you are basically stuck with other expensive apple products if you want anything to be compatible with it. It’s a pain in the rear. Not to mention, I find apple’s user interface counter intuitive and poorly designed. It’s not user friendly. I’d steer clear of an ipad if I were you and go with a samsung/android tablet. But that’s just me.

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Wasn’t expecting you to be older, in all honesty.

Actually, I don’t know what I am expecting.

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I mean I do have Samsung/android products already.

Honestly, I am thinking more desktop related.

I mean I COULD get a larger Samsung tab and use it for every thing and everyday use.

My other back option would be to get a BETTER pc desktop with a much bigger screen.