The Dragonball fan in me is highly skeptical. Mostly due to Vegeta but also Piccolo. They’re a bit…extreme. And alien.

@J.L.O. I need your wisdom!

Other people, too!


Does this help?


Personally I think that Vegeta would have responded more to tough love than anything Iroh could do. And also, Vegeta never really lets go of his Saiyan Pride, not entirely. And also, he is 25 at the start of the series, not 15.

When you get down to brass tacks, they are two fundementally different characters.

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It’s more that its a similar arc.

But with Vegeta and Piccolo, I dont see them needing a father figure, but an equal. When they acknowledge equals, they listen.



(Also Vegeta is one of the last remaining Saiyans and there’s plenty of more firebenders where Zuko comes from, so…)

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Alas, I can impart no wisdom for I know nothing whatsoever about anyone named Vegeta, Iroh, Zuko, or Piccolo. Funny names, though! ☜(ˆ▿ˆc)

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There’s a character in Dragonball Legends named Giblet. Yes, for real.

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I’ve never seen Dragonball Z, so I wouldn’t know how bad the characters are. BUT, Uncle Iroh would definitely help them in some kind of way. I mean, he helped Zuko, Toph, and Korra.

He tried with Azula, but she wasn’t troubled. She was just pure evil. A fourteen year old demon. Couldn’t be helped, no matter how many Iroh’s you could give her. :rofl:

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If you think Azula is pure evil, well allow me to introduce you to the creature that haunts my nightmares…

@J.L.O. can confirm that Dragonball does not shy away from uncomfortable racial undertones.

Azula wouldn’t listen to anyone but her father. You take her away from Ozai, and you’ll see the real her.

Well, in this case it’s because enough Asian cultures somewhat revere monkeys, as this is derived from the Monkey King, but they have access to western culture and science where the insult of primitive comes from monkey, as well. They SHOULD culturally spoof this one, as it’s both a high compliment/low insult. That it’s done against a white skinned male who can have blonde hair and blue eyes is just entertaining.

Villain: monkey can’t rise above me.
Creatures with a great ape can and do, repeatedly. It’s a very rare redemption of a curse via cultural clash and rising above the odds.

So, this one doesn’t make me cringe like some of the others do.


I still think that it is extremely un-PC either way.

This whole world is un-PC. The minute we define what is PC, it changes, and we’re all insultingly out of date. For example, the variant of People of Color was an insult at one time. Just remain polite, and the worst of it is only going to trigger those who want to be triggered.

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