Is Majoring in Biology Worth It?

Is majoring in biology worth it? Like, have any of y’all majored in biology, and, if so, what kind of jobs did you get with your degree?


Does knowing people who majored in biology count? Also, what type of biology?


Depends on what you plan to do after finishing the bio degree :thinking:

I’m a biology major who went on to study pharmacy (currently in the last year of the program), so I’d be getting a job in that field after graduating

Most people I know who majored in bio went on to do graduate programs (master’s, doctorates, MD/PharmD, etc.)

Looking up job postings in my area requiring only a bachelor’s in biology (OR microbiology), there’s Biologists, Microbiologists, Biology technicians, and Laboratory Supervisors. Other job postings require Master’s or PhD.'s in Biology/microbiology instead, so it depends.

Edit: should mention that these jobs mainly take place in laboratories (medical or research-focused)

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