Is there a fictional character(s) from YOUR OWN NOVEL(S) that you wouldn't survive against in a fight for survival?

In a realistic sorta setting where you had to have a weapon to protect yourself from any harm on Earth, you cross paths with a character, from your novel that could instantly waste you, magic or not? Yet if there is a character that you know for sure you can win against, but the likelihood is time/how long you can last, name that character too?

I am asking for characters with or without magical powers, that you know can beat you up faster than you have a chance to realize. A type of character that you would NEVER FIGHT, but strange circumstances would’ve placed in a situation fighting for your dear life.

And of course you have weapons to defend, but is that enough to save you or not in the end?

Thoughts and feelings? Let us have some crazy fun!
NOTE: And no, you don’t get magical powers, just Earth made weapons. And hide spoilers if you need to.


My Turn:

Honestly, I don’t even need to say this but the people of Alagossia, they curbstomp me. I am dead before I can whip out a weapon to protect myself.

Though there are time differences in how long I will last than the others. Firstlings would just eradicate me to nothingness and the same with the Primordials. Yet some races/species I can actually last enough to get some weapon usage in, but I will still get destroyed beyond recognition because of their Misting powers.

So, my characters are dangerous, even without being dangerous. The Xelphies (Alagossian animals) are just the same.

To make it fair for me (somehow), if I had to survive against Isilynor Pipperton, I would probably get away with injuring her. The same with Aeris Kriegman too. Still, I would be fighting for my life with those two regardless. Jorildyn? Pssh, that woman would murder me in a heartbeat. The very same for Nirvana. Hell, even Kali Nordi-Atlas is a monster in her own right.

Tl;DR: I would not survive against my characters, with or without weapons.



Not asking you to be a fighter, just a survivor.

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  1. Draw a name from a hat, they’d probably have me ‘distributed’ across the desert before I knew what was happening.

  2. Krista’s (first)* Teddy Bear, maybe. If the other characters couldn’t beat me, they would just call-in a favour from someone who could. Auntie Karen has some interesting phone numbers inscribed in her little contacts book.

*The latest addition to Krista's teddy collection, judging by her antics

Dov trained and served as both a sniper and a machine gunner.
Don’t give a machine gunner a reason to do his job ~ The Fat Electrician.


All of them. Literally all of them. I’d be screwed against all of them


Sure. I’m old and have a cold right now. My reaction time is bad right now.


Great Scott, is your reaction time superhuman most of the time!?

Just kidding! Get better soon, buddy!

Yes, same.

Looks like we both created monsters of our very own, apparently.

LOL! :sweat_smile:

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Damn, Karen, you scary!

Yes, and they would probably kill us if they ever did a “characters meet the author” :joy:

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Oof! Don’t even remind me!
Dearest me, I am scared of my own creations!


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No, just I have to think too long and that’s not good in an emergency.

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Karen is a Golda Meir / Israeli Bubbe equivalent of Balalaika (Black Lagoon) mixed with Integra (Hellsing). Karen doesn’t get angry, she’s one of my more passive friendly characters who insists on keeping a calm atmosphere in her household (to help her mercenaries relax and recover), and no-one who knows Karen is dumb enough to upset her anyway. Those who upset / hurt Karen’s (extended) family do not last long…
Karen doesn’t make threats, she makes phone calls (and she only wears blue suits).


Practically all of them?

Cabal and Tigershark respectively are faster and stronger than humans and both are skilled fighters. In addition, Cabal is a soul who survived a nuclear apocalypse.

I stand no chance… :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what happens when I write bad asses!!

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I might be able to overcome and kill the owner of the Tavern in Dade, but all other characters… I’m a gonna!


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I mean, if they came at me with a vengeance, I wouldn’t stand a chance with anyone XD

Someone I could be equal in power to would be Eryn Kingsly from Between Roses because at least she’s a normal girl. My chance of survival…hmm, 50/50.

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So, if you believe than you can achieve?

None of them, lmao. They’d eat me alive and still have leftovers for breakfast.

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