Is there a fictional world that you know for absolute certain you COULD survive in?

NOTE: You CAN use either the fictional worlds in your own stories OR some other popular media. I will accept both if you prefer to use both instead.

When I say “survive”, what I mean is that you can build a life there and not die, unless by old age.

My Turn:

I can survive in Relkilia after a mindful rewrite.

On my fictional planet human beings are just called Gaians, but the slight difference is that Gaian have a longer lifespan than humans and age a bit slower. Yet they still have mana levels within their body that can allow them to wield magical powers. Though most of it isn’t as flexible as other races/species.

I can make a living there in terms of getting help for my mental health is various ways and getting help financially as well. I could pursue writing fiction for a living or traveling to various locations.

I would avoid places that are dangerous for Gaians to live and just dangerous overall.

Now, in terms of popular fictional places that are not made by me. I would love to live in the Mushroom Kingdom or some place that Bowser has NOT touched and is doing pretty well, whatever that may be.

I won’t be able to hang with Mario and Luigi and shake hands with Princesses Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina, but I can do something else.

Thoughts and feelings?



Most the paranormal earth I write, I’d survive because I would be sheltered from the supernatural.


I think I could survive in pretty much any world where things are normal for everyone except those involved in the plot. Say the Shadowhunters universe, as long as I was a mundane, I’d be fine. Or the Harry Potter universe. If I was a muggle things would be fairly easy to survive. So more modern fantasy worlds I suppose.


I’ve never been there, but I’m almost certain I could totally survive New Orleans in A Confederacy of Dunces, and I could probably survive The Starless Sea, and possibly Strange & Norrell’s England. Maybe even Wonderland! ヽ(^。^)丿



after peace is had :stuck_out_tongue:

For my own,

Ozel Emla probably because they live like how we do. It’s quite similar. The only difference is the magick.

I might survive in Elgana as well.


Maybe the city Olympus from Appleseed.

If the admin gave me adequate healthcare (gene-editing?) and training to qualify for ESWAT, maybe as a Mech (landmate) pilot / sniper, and a Nike bio-roid as a personal assistant / trainer / bodyguard.
^The OVA Appleseed Nike…And probably the first anime movie I watched…


Is there a fictional world I could survive in?

No. No there is not


Arillion I could for sure… I’d be down in the Southeast where the sea’s wash the shores of Ralloth… There at home with the constant sway of the ocean I’d be both happy and safe.
There is a secluded bay that is never filled with water, a wide shore of golden sands, and a fertile land beyond where crops grow well. Vertical cliffs surround it, and access is only from the sea.

In Middle Earth though, I think I would do well also… A Ranger of the Northern Kingdom I’d be, and in the Northern Kingdom I’d be safe, for it is all but lost to the peoples of the War of the Ring era…



Even this one?