Is your MC a character of misunderstanding that they can't seem to break free from?

For example:

Jorildyn is my MC whose comes from the richest family is the world that instantly became the favorites among the Alagossian High Imperial Court simply because their wealth and actions speak for themself.

However, people are under the assumption that she is a royal and even go so far as to call her “princess” or “high princess” or sometimes “lady/milady” when she is clearly none of those things.

She is just a rich heiress who lives her a true princess because of it. The real royalty don’t let anyone know who they are, other than letting people know they are wealthy individuals with no true status. Only the closest of the closest richest people, beside Jorildyn’s family know whose royalty and nobility and who isn’t.

So, Jorildyn works as a Knight in the Knighthood Federation, and she has to wear her name tag revealing that she is a Calverson, much to her dismay.

The moment someone reads the name, she immediately get the royal treatment that she clearly doesn’t feel she deserve.

She regret not taking her mother’s surname since her mother was an upper-middle class Clerk who got insanely lucky by marrying her father.

Jorildyn can’t even tell people that she isn’t a royal and who the real royals and nobles of the AHIC (Alagossian High Imperial Court) are other people that are the direct descendants of the Firstlings.

That’s Jorildyn, what about you all?

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What if they purposefully created the “misunderstanding” to hide something, but then they are also trying to break free from it?

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Awesome. Put it down.

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Okay, so MC Bethany from The Rat Girl is like that.

Bethany has to hide her true self so she must pretend to be someone else entirely. In the public eye, she’s Celeste Gilmore, daughter of a high-acclaimed music producer (her mom). She’s a popular rich girl at Fieldmoor High and looks down on the “regular kids”, uses geeks as homework slaves, and plans other people’s parties for money. She loves fashion and is a trend setter. She’s like Regina George.

In truth, Bethany is not a mean girl and hates having to be Celeste at school but thinks she has no choice. Also, her mom made her do method acting for Celeste since she was five. There are some aspects of Celeste that grew with Bethany, so it’s really hard for her to separate the two even at home.

Naturally, people who are not in on the secret assume she’ll be a stuck-up mean girl. She doesn’t like to be thought of that way, but she can’t exactly be herself either.

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Yeah, a prime example of a character living a false life because it better to live a fake life then to allow people to know what the real you is like.

Bethany is nothing like Celeste.
Jorildyn is not a High Princess.

Yeah, it’s tough for both gals.

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