It's official! I have found my favorite website for outlining/plotting/planning my stories!

Personally, I LOVE this website and app!
There is a free and paid versions, but that is purely optional which you want to use for yourself.

I like it and I am enjoying this so much!

This is the website:

I believe there is version for Iphone and Ipad. I have a Samsung tab and phone, so you would need to check and see to be certain.

I don’t even like planning that much or at all! I actually find it nice and pleasant.

Thoughts and feelings?


Calling out:



I should probably use it again


It looks complicated lol. I am trying it out now.


Again? So, wait you used it before?

Do you like complicated things or not so much?!

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I like things that are simple, do the job without trying to be smart and are effective tools to get me to meet my goal.


I think they have something simple.
You would have to play around with it and see for yourself if that is the case.

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Experimenting :open_mouth:

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Yeah, see what works for you with that website.
It may be something you like or may not.

Depends on what it does for you.


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Reasonable assessment, I will have a look soon.

Right now, I am gonna design some things, :smiley:

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Come back and let me know when you get the chance.

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I’ve tried all kinds of things!


Ah, I understand now.
How did you feel about it the first time you used it? Do you remember what your experience was like when you used it the first time?

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Looks interesting.

I’m already using Campfire. It’s not the ideal tool for visual brainstorming board, etc, but it’s great for organizing project notes, which was my biggest problem before. Best part, everything is linkable so it’s easy to jump from one thing to the next.

I still use Google sheets for some things that I can’t do anywhere else.

I’ve played around with Canva whiteboard and it’s pretty cool. I wish Campfire added something like that to their application.
Come to think of it, their map module is kinda like that. It’s designed to accommodate fantasy maps, but I could use it in a weird way like that if I wanted to. You know what, you’re motivating me to try that out.


I was using Campfire at one point and before that I was using World Anvil.
I stopped using those things and I find that this plotting website and app are pretty neat for me personally.

It’s simple-ish, but it does get a tad confusing and challenging in a way where I am required to really think about my story and broaden my ideas/plot/characters/world.

I am using the free version of this on my desktop, but they do have a free and/or paid version for Apple and Android.

Let me know your thoughts on it. There might be some things you want, but it doesn’t have.

I am a panster. So, this is fine for me regardless of what they have and don’t have.
I am content with that.


Anybody else?

Meanwhile there’s just me with my complicated as hell 52 x 13 (?) plot grid on Dabble. :sob:


I was using Dabble a while back then stopped.
I hope this website bore me since it’s so cool and interesting.

Would you consider this website or not really?

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it looks really useful! I prefer to do outlining stuff offline, but that’s an interesting site.