It's True or False Time!!!

Question: Does it drive you mad with rage when the creator of your favorite media (books, television, comics, anime, manga, video games, movies, etc) ends the series in a way that benefits them rather than the fans?

  • True.
  • False.
  • Fralse (true and false)?

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What do you think?


Okay, someone chose “true” I see.
Dear god, I hope that doesn’t get the most votes…

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I don’t really care as long as it ties up the loose ends and doesn’t introduce something random and new to make a sequel off of at the very last minute


That makes sense.
wipes away sweat For a second I thought there would be more of the trues than anything else.


Oh fucking yeah it does!

I’m a long time fan of Doom (Game)… I’ve played them all since the mid 90’s, and alongside The Legend of Zelda (Which I have played all of them games also) they have been a staple of my gaming history…

But I must say that when they released Doom (2016) a reboot of the series, I thought it was going to be bad… I was wrong. It became such a hit, and with a stonking soundtrack by Mick Gordon it rocked fully. Winning many awards in the “Gaming Circle”.
But then came the Dark times… “A time when the inevitable sequel was announced.”…
Doom Eternal… It was welcomed with open arms, and fans hoped for a direct sequel to what had gone before… It was not so…
Instead we were given much different direction, Ancient Gods (Alien Beings), a back history which made little sense, and a style of graphical departure which took away the horror element of Doom, and replaced it with a colourful example of Hell on Earth (which did look gritty, but too toon-y). Then they gave us two lots of DLC (Down-loadable Content which ended the series after just two instalments without fully giving a definitive ending… Angry! To say the least!

The same could be said about Tolkien’s works in film…

Peter Jackson did a fantastic realisation of Middle Earth in The Lord of the Rings (and as a Tolkien fan, I’m fully behind what he did, 100%)… However, due to his timescale and his Co-Direction with G. Del Torro, The Hobbit films sucked…
The reason for this is that he listened too much to others, and left a lot of the Post Production to Del Torro and Andy Serkis while recovering from his op for a stomach ulser…

Now we get to the gritty bits… Weta Studio’s (Not the digital branch) had been down sized over the years and did not have the staffing to make all the great Minatures that they did for TLotR films… This did much damage in my eyes. They looked to Weta Digital (who were already stretched doing much work for Marvel and Lucas Film at the time) to do the CGI elements… Thus, The Hobbit Films suffered this fate of overindulgence of CGI and rushed poor quality at that… Then there is the fact that many elements of the films wee not in the book. I say Book, as there is only one book, yet three films…
A fleshing out of sorts, full of characters which do not appear in the book, locations which we see in the films but not the book, and I could rant for hours here, but I will not…
If you have not read the book, but have seen the films… Read the book.
If you have read the book, and have not watched the films… Don’t!
That is all I have to say upon the Tolkien adaptations…


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Did you expect anything else from me?



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If the author ends it a certain way to benefit themselves spiritually/emotionally then the author has every right to do so. It’s their story and that usually results in a lot of fans agreeing with the outcome anyways, even if not all of them do. This also falls in line with the “you can’t please everyone” rule, so authors should write for themselves more than their fans because chances are if they are happy with the ending, at least some of their fans will be as well.

If the author ends it a certain way to benefit themselves financially (like milking a series for all it’s worth until they are grasping at straws just to keep the story going and it’s running on fumes instead of letting it end gracefully in a natural place that leaves their fans satisfied) then no, that’s definitely gonna grind a lot of gears and I have strong negative opinions on this.


It’s really going to depend on how badly this is done. You give an ending I don’t like, fine. You give an ending that shows you quit giving a damn and got tired of seeing this through, I’m annoyed. You give an ending that is out of character to either the characters or the genre (which gives you two different options for an ending, at times), I’m annoyed.


The only time I become outraged is when it doesn’t meet it’s potential. A masterpiece with a trash ending is no longer a masterpiece. I think why I get upset is because I know the creator can and has done better, and for whatever reason, didn’t follow through. Just seems a waste of a good story.

Otherwise, and even in cases where a creator wanted a story to end (like it had gone on for years, and they wanted to move on) eventually I come to peace with the conclusion they made.

Why when a story is published it partially becomes the fans, it will always be the creator’s story. It is our privilege to read their work, as they never had to publish it, share it, or entertain us with it. So, if they come up with an ending fans don’t agree with – screw 'em, ya know? At the end of the day, they’re not putting in the work the creator is, and if the creator has some crazy ending they are satisfied with, whose to say it’s wrong?


That is the difference between a legitimate critique from a fan and fans only wanting their emotional highs fed.

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Or rather, disagree.

If they want to end it that way, that means they had some idea as the creator. I might not be particularly happy, but in the end, it is their art and they can do what they want with it. Doesn’t change the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed all the rest of it leading up to the end. I will still like the story and the creator. I will recall the period I read it fondly :blush:

The only time I would agree is if they ended it without finishing the story for whatever reason. I wouldn’t be enraged, but I would be disappointed. Thoroughly. And then continuously wish that one day, maybe one day, they will continue it. Maybe. MAYBE… :pleading_face:

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Wholeheartedly agree.

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Which media could you tell that the creator went with their heart, but even still, some fans weren’t happy because it wasn’t to their liking, even after all the theories and stuff they came up with for what the ending would be like?

Forgive me, if you can’t answer this properly or at all.

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There is some serious truth to this. You’ve just spoke volumes and I can greatly appreciate that.

Fans (hardcore fans) have major egos and feel that the creator should focus less on self and more on fulfilling their needs because to them if they wanted to please themselves, they would have never expose their work to the world. I truly believe that some fans have that mindset.

For some fans or the entire fan community (depending on which fanbase), fans only care about themselves and it shows.

That is how I see it.

What about those times when a creator make an ending that caters strictly to the fans, but when they look back at it they absolutely hate it?

That tends to happen too.

Book. Perdido Street Station. The ending wasn’t what many people liked, but I, and others, could understand what the author was trying to do. And it was the ending he wanted, I think. He wanted people to have discussions about what was the best ending for the plot, for the characters, and for the message he was trying to show.

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