"I've done nothing wrong/I only did what was right!"

This is the result of a character firmly believing that they are doing the right thing which turns out to be wrong in the eyes of many.

This character is either trying to save a life, reach a certain goal, or do something else. In the end that person wholeheartedly believes that they are clearly doing the right things. They don’t really care or want to care what others think of them. I prefer to stick to believing that their pride and their sense of righteousness is what is going to help them achieve their goals.

This character doesn’t have to be a full-blown villain either, they can be a anti-hero or some anti-villain.

The whole world or parts of it will never forget or never forgive that character for what they did. They’ll say they were being selfish, cruel, or entitled to the character.

The only thing that truly matters to that character is protecting what is important to them even if it means the rest of the world utterly hates and reviles them.

Their only reason for doing these things because the world stole what was important to them and then pretty much told them to “piss off” and laugh at their suffering in result.

Bitterly, the character tries to save their soul which eventually becomes tainted by reality and the harshness of their society.

They caused hardships pain, suffering, and made people grossly resent them to their core.

In the end, that character felt they absolutely nothing wrong and did only what they felt was right.

“The world turned it’s back on me and took everything, now it is mine turn to do the same.”

Sometimes, this character will see the light and come to the realization that what they thought was right is utterly wrong. While some will never see the light and will probably die in the end.

Now, tell me, do you have a character in your story that is like this or not at all?


In my Synthetic series, I plan on the MC, Alma, to dabble in this territory. He’s going to declare war on humans when they refuse to see his kind as equals and living beings, so he thinks he’s doing the right thing by saving his people and fighting for them. But ultimately, he’s just trying to commit genocide in retaliation. Luckily he’s one of those that ends up seeing he was wrong before it’s too late and manages to fix it before the damage is irreversable, but he does cause a lot of damage first.

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The path to hell is lined with good intentions, as they say.

My villian fits this mold, though he’s moved beyond deluding himself into beleiving what he does is morally correct.

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I thought it was “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. LOL!

You’re correct, this is the offical quote lol

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What is causing him to deluding himself? What are the reasons for his actions and beliefs?

He is no longer delusional in the sense that he’s telling himself his actions are correct.

In the world its set in, there’s really no heroes. He leads a force of recreants (illegal magic users) and basically plans to free his people from being constantly hunted down, killed, and brutalized.

In theory, he’s the good guy.

But his major plans as soon as he’s able to gain rights for his people is to then gain revenge. He plans to enslave those who refuse to bow to his whims, to destroy their entire culture, and purge the releigion from the land.

He essentially is the contuation in a cycle of already constant suffering and hate.

Edit: On mobile so apologies for mispellings

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Oh wow!

Would you call him like more of an anti-hero or something as opposed to a villain?

Am I still misunderstanding things? I apologize in advance.

You’re not misunderstanding, no worries. Im happy to clarify, and thanks for your questions.

I would say he could be accounted as more of an anti-hero, but some of the things he does are so… malicious and blood curdling that he certainly crosses a line between “right” and “wrong”.

Freedom with magic comes at a price. It isn’t that magic is hated because its powerful, it’s because it corrupts people. If they’re not strong willed, they will be turned into something dark, twisted, and dangerous.

Its for these reasons that its outlawed. Despite the constant threat magic clearly holds, this character would have everyone (even those who were clearly not strong willed) once again regain their magic.

Which, to give some meta insight, would actually be catastrophic and lead the human race to the brink of total annihiliation.

On top of this, although his goals are selfless (centered around helping others) his thirst for vengence, power, etc. Are all of his will and insight. He knows his destructive means have disasterous consequences, but for the satisfaction of revenge, he’ll do anything he must. Even if it means the world becomes this replusive blob of constant infighting, dread, and death.

For more insight, he has been given past premonition into the future and even his own prophecy. So, he’s very aware that his doom spiral will permanently impact the world in a negative way, he just doesn’t care.

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Ah, now I see.

Thanks for clarifying. LOL!


That’s what Aphids in the greenhouse would tell you when you blame them for spreading tobacco mosaic virus

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I have a character that thinks this way, but goes a completely different route. He knows he did the wrong thing, but he thinks that he needs to do it. Like, it’s his calling. Not a sacrifice type of moment. He thinks he is meant to be a villain as if he’s the designated villain of the entire world.

He sits on such a high horse.

This is Richard, my immortal assassin, btw :stuck_out_tongue:

I have another character that does the wrong thing and tries to convince himself he’s right about everything. But when he realizes what he’s doing was the wrong thing this entire time, he completely shuts down. Not because he realizes he was hurting people (a little bit of that comes in though), but because he lost his identity by admitting he was wrong. In the end, he’ll find the light and continue doing some wrong things but in a smaller scale and in a way that actually benefits other people and doesn’t hurt all of them.

That’s Jack, the cursed jerk. Once a jerk, always a jerk.

A final character begins to do the wrong thing in desperation to gain approval and praise. But when he realizes that all the wrong things he did doesn’t do anything for him, he does try to commit, you know, with a gun. But instead, he ends up where he started. He will not see the light.

That’s Henry, a born failure, poor guy.

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