J.L. Angeles | Book Cover Design

hey, i’m jade! i’ve spent a long time designing, both here on wacky and back on wattpad, and by long time i mean 10+ years long. and i’ve finally taken the plunge into commercial work for all your ebook and/or published book needs!

as of right now, i only offer book cover designs (but book jackets to go with them too!), both custom and premades. rather than churning out dozens and dozens of low-quality premades, i try my best to focus on creating fewer, but hopefully higher-quality ones.

as for customs, i specialize in darker/moodier graphics, big text and typically no models. but i am open to hearing out absolutely everything and every possible idea you may have, and to working with you to get something we’re both happy with! if there’s anything else you might want that isn’t covers, i’m more than happy to hear those out too.

my premades range from $55USD to $95USD, and customs start at $100USD and ranges based on every individual order to fit your needs.

as of 9/20/22, these are my available premades for purchase!

if you have any questions, inquiries, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me here on wacky if that’s more convenient for you! otherwise, my website is here below, which contains all needed information:


i look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully working with you!

— JLA x


The acronym makes me think of the justice league of america.

lol, it’s an acronym for part of my irl name :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Jade League of America!

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