Jenna Moreci's How To Book

Jenna Moreci, if you’re out of the loop, is a self-published author with an AuthorTube channel. She wrote and published… Eve: the Awakening, the Savior’s Champion, and the Savior’s Sister (the companion novel), and recently came out with a “How To” book called Shut Up and Write the Book which is similar to her channel, but is a step-by-step guide to planning, creating, and writing a book.

Now, I read Eve a while back (like, 2017-2018, if I remember correctly?) and I thought it was trash. I didn’t finish it but that was also because my parents got rid of Kindle Prime (or whatever it was) lol. Then sometime last year, I bought the Savior’s Champion mostly to support her but also out of curiosity. When I read it, there were quite a few notes I had where the story wasn’t the greatest… but it wasn’t the worst. I gave it like a 3/5 stars.

There’s a thing going around where many AuthorTuber or BookTuber books aren’t that great, and although I haven’t read from many, I can kind of understand where these perspectives come from.

But of course, I decided to give her non-fiction work the benefit of the doubt because it’s technically the same thing she does, only… in written form. So I had my library order it and I’m currently in the process of reading it. I did skip quite a bit (mostly the stuff I know, like how to create a story from an idea, etc.) but truthfully, it’s not as bad as I thought it was gonna be. Just like her videos, she’s spot on and goes in depth with certain things that definitely makes it worthwhile and easier to understand, but also gives you new ideas on how to make a story work. Like, I recently passed a section that gave a step-by-step outline of the main story beats you want to hit for each act and it really gave me some great thoughts into my own outline.

It is ironic where authors can’t exactly follow their own advice, but then again, doesn’t this happen to everyone with any situation? Like, it’s easy for me to give life advice, but I can’t take my own advice for the life of me. :rofl: However, when it comes to writing, you’d think you’d follow your own advice if you say that this is what you do, right? I guess giving it is far easier than implementing it. :sweat_smile:

Have you read it or been tempted to read it? Do you read writing how to’s? If so, which ones did you find were helpful or not so helpful?


I read it and gave it four stars on Goodreads. For what it is – a how-to book for absolute beginners – it’s excellent. But it wasn’t very useful to me. I’m now reading Wired For Story by Lisa Cron, and I think it’s the best damn writing book I’ve ever read. (ღ˘ᴗ˘ღ)

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Nah, I never read it, but I did read her latest fiction novel or rather listened to the audiobook.

I used to be subscribed to her too! That was a while ago and I haven’t thought to go back.

It’s a good thing too! She’s not that interesting as I thought.
If you found it enjoyable, that is great to know. As for me, she isn’t my cup of tea, personally!

Sorry to disappoint.


I definitely agree. A beginner will definitely get more out of it than someone (such as myself) who has been writing for years. :sweat_smile:

OOOH. I gotta go look for that now lol.

Yeah, her content is definitely not for everyone. :rofl:


True, true!


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Personally, not a big fan of Jenna Moreci although I do find myself watching her videos sometimes, but I skip around the video a lot. Maybe it’s because she gives advice for novices and I’m not a novice.

Also, for two reasons I won’t elaborate on, personally not a fan :sweat_smile: These just relate to my personal enjoyment of a YouTube video and nothing to do with the content.

I never read writing how-to books. If I have a specific question, I look it up on the Internet or ask people.

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Honestly, the videos where she curses doesn’t even bother me since I am vulgar a bit myself.

I don’t know, her voice grates me and she sounds annoying as hell to me.

This is just my personal feelings on that matter.

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Yeah, I tend to skip certain videos just because of that. :sweat_smile:


Especially since I only read one book at a time, I don’t ever find myself going back to reread it anyway. I try to take notes or just implement it in my head, but even then, I’m like, “Meh.”

I’ve never really liked having non-fiction books that was more of a how-to, even up to recipes. I have a Harry Potter cookbook that I’ve had for two years and I still haven’t made anything with it. xD I haven’t even looked at any recipes. :rofl: Maybe one day.

But yeah, I just use Google. xD

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