Let's share some of our favorite funny commericals/advertisments, please!

Come on down and post them now!
I want to have a good hearty laugh. I shall return with a few of my own that I enjoy!


I will accept any you find funny from any year of your choosing. They just have to be legit, that’s all!

Have fun, cool peeps!

Here’s one that is recent:
(I think it is funny though!)

hi, im saul goodman. did you know that you have rights? the constitution says you do. and so do i!

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It’s Jake from State Farm.

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Wait…no video?!
Aww, man!

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I totally forgot about that one.
That was a throwback! LOL!


A few old favorites…

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This is the best commercial of all time

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The Kiwi deck commercial will never not be a joke here :joy:

Our ads are more so bad they’re depressing. A beer company did a Pina Colada Song parody that everyone hated. Then there’s all the car insurance ads but I can’t remember the company. They’re so weird

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A sample. I like the whole series.

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Messin’ with Sasquatch if you like violence as humor, it’s a good reminder to not mess with wildlife.

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Ernest started as commercials and became movies, if I remember right.

Ah, yes documentary:

The joke is a neighbor you hate that you can’t get rid of.