Let's talk about Juan and Igor (Igorteo)


Born 1977
Aged 46 (coming 47)
From Angel Falls
Works as the owner of a taco truck that was endorsed by Andy Flow, a local musician celebrity.
Is married with a wife called Julie, and a son called Phillipe, who is half French and aged 10
Used to date Igor for a long time, and they are still super close friends
Also still works part time on Saturdays with at Igor’s gym
Knows Domingo and the Vaqueros, and occasionally helps them
Loves brownie cake, tacos and coffee
Used to work in a coffee shop
Has known to star in local theater adaptations from the Angel Falls Drama Club
Was a keen high school wrestler and boxer; still has the AFHS record knockout since 1994


Born 1976
Aged 47 (coming 48)
From Angel Falls
Owns a renowned gym called Igor Valdez Body Studio, and it’s in its 25th year
Is single, and hasn’t properly date since he broke it off with Juan
His uncle is Pipe Valdez, former gangster turned preacher and community outreach leader
Also works as a business consultant and helped Juan establish his taco truck
Has a business school in the works
Loves working out, beef jerky and hot chocolate
Was voted sexiest role model at Angel Falls’ 15th Pride of Angel Falls festival.
Got held back a year in school, and met Juan when they were both in Junior Year of High School

Feel free to ask questions about them. They need some development, thanks.


You’ve probably told us this before but I’ve forgotten: what’s the genre and age group of this book again?

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Age Group:

YA for the High School Years
Young Adult/New Adult for their 20s
Adult for their older years.

That’s the plan anyway. :smiley:


If you were to assign them to a specific element in the Wu Xing, what would it be?


Juan is definitely fire.

Igor is definitely earth.


Together they make magma!

What are their favorite movies?


-Pulp Fiction

-The Big Short


If they could go anywhere and do anything for a day, what would they choose?


Juan - The beach, and to relax/get a nice meal and go swim in the ocean. Or else the bar, drink and socialize with his friends.

Igor - To a nice restaurant, and have a healthy meal. Or else to the arcade to unwind and relax.

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Where do they see themselves in ten years?

What are their worst memories?

Which one of them would be more likely to get into a bar fight? (And would they win?)

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Since they’re bothin their mid 40s now…

Juan - Hopefully not dead with diabetes or a heart attack. He really loves his tacos, coffee, cake, bacon and could work out more in his free time.

Igor - Retiring in some beach home somewhere mild. He almost has enough money saved up to finish payingoff all his debts, and buy a new mansion.

Both of them are from High School, funnily enough.

Juan - The teacher that tried to assault him in school.

Igor - Being sent to the group home for blowing up at his bully and breaking his nose.

Well, both of them for different reasons.

Juan - If he was drunk, and someone started to push him around. He would physically fight back, and probably get kicked outta the bar.

Igor - If someone started to insult him, or his honor and started to fire random insults at him. He would get mad and start to fight back.


Anyone else?

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Do either of them like monkeys?

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Juan does, Igor doesn’t. He is freaked out by them.

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Is Igor Slavic? If not, then how’d he get a name like Igor ? ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

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No, Igor is not Slavic. Igor is an American of Latino descent, and he is also transgender. His birth name (dead name) was Paula and wanted to change it, so he liked what Igor meant (warrior), and he thought that it went with his surname, Valdez, and changed his middle name to Aron.

When he was 21, he legally changed it on his birth certificate and licenses also.

I, however have Viktor Yeltski (a rapper from an unreleased story called sixteen bars), Ivan Polyakov (a crazy wizard who has his own race of mutant bears and lives in the forest) and Dmitri Pavlyuchenko (a guy who hates his job as a hooker, funnily enough) as my main characters of Slavic descent.

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Anyone else? :smiley: