Libby or Hoopla?

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Which free reading service do you like? They both come with pros and cons, and despite the cons on Libby, I prefer it more.

Pros I like the most: The format. It’s so much easier to read both on mobile and desktop. How easy it is to find books.

Cons I hate the most: The holdings.


I used to use Hoopla, but I think I tried Libby, yet I didn’t get far with it.

Now, I use nothing like that.

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Well my library offers Libby lol. I don’t mind the holds. I have like a 200 book TBR so there’s always a lot that’s available to read immediately.

My issue is that some books become unavailable after a while :confused: it’s annoying cause I can’t find some of them in print. Not sure if I can request it back.


SAME. When I first started working at my library we could only read books online (Libby or Hoopla) and when I found this one book called Seafire by Natalie C. Parker, I started reading it until somewhere in the middle, they made it unavailable. I was so distraught because it was so good. We have a physical copy, but again, I was only able to read it online… and as a slow reader, I didn’t want to keep checking it in and out lol. So I just bought it and eventually read the rest of it. :rofl:

You ask your library to see if they can. If they had it once, they can have it again. c: